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    crochet, knitting, reading, gardening
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  1. I am 51 and have been crocheting since I was in my mid 20s.
  2. My first project was a potholder made by practicing single crochets and double crochets.
  3. I taught myself by using a Coats and Clark Learn to Crochet book when I was in my mid 20s. I learned many more techniques and stitches from the internet when you tube began. I still learn new things from the the talented crocheters who share their knowledge and talent on you tube and the other video sites on the internet.
  4. Lol, I refer to my craft room as my outer space area because it is so full of UFOs, I always have 3 or 4 (or 12, hee hee), going at the same time.
  5. Lion Brand Pound of Love, every skein of it I have bought has been full of knots or horrible frayed areas that had to be cut out. I have bought several because the price is so reasonable and each time the yarn has been the same. The last time I bought it I finally had to roll the entire skein into center pull balls because it was so frustrating to get to the middle of a row and have to cut out a fray or a knot.
  6. I also knit (although not very proficient at it), I also sew and quilt. Crochet is my main love, I can do it anytime, anywhere that I have a minute and yarn and hooks.
  7. I like to crochet while sitting in my comfy chair in my living room while my sweet husband watches television. I love to crochet at work when I have a minute of downtime, it has started lots of interesting conversations with my coworkers and several of them have become so interested in crochet that they have learned and are making their own projects now.
  8. I purchase most of mine from WalMart but also occasionally purchase from Michaels.
  9. That is precious! I love the pattern and the colors that you chose.
  10. That is precious! I bet your gifts are a huge hit at the shower.
  11. Those are adorable! I love the colors that you chose.
  12. Very pretty. I love the colors you chose.
  13. Those are so pretty. I love the picot edging, it is one of my favorites. Your friend is going to love them.
  14. Those are lovely. It always makes working in the kitchen so much nicer when you have pretty dishcloths and towels to use.
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