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    I am married and have two children.
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    crochet, paper crafts, reading, plastic canvas
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    accessories, toys, afghans
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    Since I was about 15
  1. What lovely bookmarks. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I like that you added the little leaves on the stem.
  2. These are beautiful. You did a wonderful job with them. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us.
  3. Thanks. We moved a few months ago and I was shocked by how much yarn I have. It sure looks different when you have to pack it up and then unpack it in the new home, coming up with new places to stash it all. Anyway, the packing made me decide that I am not keeping the old afghans in the hideous color combinations (nothing wrong with the individual colors, just the combinations). So two have been frogged and used with each other and other yarns to make two kitchen rugs. The shorter bits (less than ten yards) have been used to make swiffer covers. Love them.
  4. This sounds like a great idea. It should be a good way to stretch the creativity muscles and to clear room for more yarn when the fast is over. I am going to try to hang on through the end of the year.
  5. This is a lovely pattern. Thanks for sharing it with us. And thanks for showing it made in many different threads.
  6. Oops, sorry for not following up on some of your kind comments. My bag, which is currently loaded with rug I am crocheting, is about 14"w x 11"h x 5"d. I think this would be beautiful with black in place of the white like stained glass. Great idea! It would be very interesting to see this felted. I bet it would have less of a lacy effect, but that could actually work better for some applications, I think. I used worsted weight yarn, probably mostly acrylic. Whatever was in my bag at the time that looked like it would work. but what a great idea to try it with thread -- with apologies to my left index finger which does not like me working with thread! This would be so easy to do as a pillow, and what a great way to try out a technique to see if you really want to take on a larger project.
  7. Egads! Shame on me for not checking this thread! To answer some questions: It took me about a week of working an hour a night. It is hard for me to do thread crochet for much longer than that because of the pressure of the thread on my left index finger (I am right handed). Swap-bot is a site on the internet where people host all sorts of swaps. Once you sign-up you can join the ones that interest you. Mostly fun, occasionally frustrating. This was a good one for me.
  8. The bunnies are so cute. The center looks egg-shaped to me.
  9. This is beautifully done and the color combination is really attractive.
  10. I have this technique on my list of things to try. This a lovely example. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. This is a necklace I made for a swap on Swap-bot. the color combination is one of the recipient's favorites. The pattern is from the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Crochet Today.
  12. Thanks for this pattern. I usually knit my dishcloths to get the right hand feel, but I would much rather crochet. This looks like it will solve that too-heavy feel crocheted dishcloths seem to have.
  13. Those are great. I bet the colors really livens up the apartment's wall and floor coloring. Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern.
  14. Now you need to teach them how to write down patterns and they will be set to go. The designs are really good. You should be proud. Them, too.
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