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    Pat A.
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    I live on the Island of Guam in the pacific.
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    I love to read and crochet
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    I'm a agent for Primerica Financial Services
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    Off and on since I was 10
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    Anything I can start and finish. lol
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  1. Island Girl

    Returning after many years!

    I’m back after being gone for many years. Wow, everything’s changed. Now I have to get used to the changes and try to figure everything out again. But so glad to be back with freinds again. 🙂
  2. Island Girl

    Why didnt anyone warn me about socks??

    Thanks for the link. I want to try learning how to do this too.
  3. Island Girl

    What's on your needles right now?

    I have the 2nd sock I'm knitting for my DGD. Have other sock patterns I want to try.
  4. Island Girl

    Thinking of learning...

    I agree with you.
  5. Island Girl

    Spiders everywhere

    They're so cute. But I wouldn't put my drinks on them. They'll run away with it.
  6. Island Girl

    baby sea animals

    They are all so cute. I like the starfish.
  7. Island Girl


    He is so cute. I love him.
  8. Island Girl

    Wearing girls and Ties2

    Everything is so beautiful. I really like the white and purple dress with the little jacket. I would love to make one for my new little GD. Could you tell me where you got the patterns for them? Thanks for your help.
  9. Island Girl

    Thinking of learning...

    Sorry about your relative. Maybe you can make her an afghan to show how much you appreciate receiving her yarns and hooks/needles. Definitely learn knitting. Try out both the American way and the Continental way and see which one you prefer better. I like the continental way. And there is no right or wrong way to do the stitches. Whatever works for you is right. One hint on the needles, to make the yarn slide easier on the needle, wipe it with a bounce dryer sheet. Or any dryer sheet you want to use. One benefit is your needles will smell good and you won't have any static. Works on hooks too.
  10. Island Girl

    Why didnt anyone warn me about socks??

    They look great. That looks like a basic pattern. Could you tell me where you got the pattern? Or maybe you could just make me a pair.
  11. Island Girl

    Best cast-on for socks

    Thanks Gran. I will make another sock the same way I did the first one so they'll match. But I will use some scrap yarn and practice the one you recommend. So far I've only tried the top down pattern. I want to try the toe up but not sure how to cast on for that one. Maybe you can recommend a type of cast-on I can try? Thanks for your help.
  12. Island Girl

    Photography Props

    They are both so cute. I especially love the mermaid set. The tail looks so good. Is this your own pattern? Could you share where you got the pattern? I would love to make it for my new baby gd. She's just a month old now. And your friend is lucky to get them.
  13. Island Girl

    Best cast-on for socks

    Yes, that helps so much. I used to go on the about.com forum for crocheting so long ago. I forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me about it. Now I could go there again both for 'in and 'ing. I did read the one page of posts and I'll be trying some of the different ways to cast on. Thanks again.
  14. Island Girl

    Best cast-on for socks

    No one's answered this so I'll stop checking it. I really wished someone would answer me.
  15. Island Girl

    Baby Dress and bootie/s

    That's so pretty. Thanks for the pattern link. I think I made this dress several years ago and gave it to my niece for her baby girl. Now I can make it for my new dgd. Thanks again.