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  1. Hi, My name is Loretta, I live in NW PA. I found this board around 6 months ago, when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I have crocheted through all of his treatments, which were many, radiation and chemotherapy. I have crocheted through taking care of him around the clock for 6 months, and I know I would have gone crazy not having crochet as therapy, I have lurked on this board daily and have learned so much, found many, many great patterns, and just generally enjoyed reading everyone's encouraging words to each other, I've completed a couple rugs, 4 fat bottom bags, numerous market bags, bikini's for american girl dolls, more things that I can think of alot of them mixed in with tears, My husband passed away last Thursday and I'm carrying on knowing he is in no more pain, I really wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to everyone who has helped me without really knowing it. I plan to continue to crochet, who could give it up? LOL and hope to do more posting with a happier subject. Thanks again, Loretta
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