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  1. Aggie May i dont know if its uk or us pattern i only have photocopy from my friend ! what is the meaing of (YO)its writen in the pattern ? redhead54 i think that it:cheer thanx ill try
  2. hello :cheerdoes any one know the meaing of Ltr(linked terble) ?how can i make it? i didnt understand
  3. kuwait


    thanx all for reply
  4. kuwait


    thanx all:) apecaut it is for 2-3 years ..i agree with you it is seems little big:D ... cos the model is like that and am just trying how to make this kind of dress i dont care abou the size.. ~kuwit~
  5. thanx again....see my post in clothing show and tell
  6. kuwait


    hiii:cheer finally i have finshed my exams so there is time for sharing my project..!it is not complete now..ill make hat and shose my summer holiday is start:manyheart its time for crochet and sleep ..lol:P
  7. thanx all for reply:) finaly i found this site http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/mook/mookblcat02.php?prev_sub=1004&page=2 its wanderful... i think it is japanese or chinese i dont know ...but the big proplem that i dont know how to order and what is the price .. i nead somone japanes or chainese:D Krakovianka id like to crochet any creative small project..i dont know how to explain in english ...you can see this site there are wat i like http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/mook/mookblcat02.php?prev_sub=1004&page=2 update i also found these sites http://www.tezukuritown.com/shop/ http://www.clover.co.jp/ www.hamanaka.co.jp
  8. ofcourse... im crochetholic
  9. soon ill show my projet ...now is my final exam i cant spend time to take photo of my project these days ...and let me teach you arabic:P
  10. شلونج >>>>>how are you in arabic:P i study at kuwait university (enginering) we only have one universty:) and there are only 3 privte universty ( amrican auk,australia ask and gulf universty gust) ..i want to study in u.s.a but my father doesnt like the idea:no
  11. thanxxxxxx everybody :) soon ill show my projects ..now i have an examz on my university i have summer semester:(
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