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    I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 (2 boys & 2 girls)! I am always busy either with the kids, husband, or crafting.
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    crochet; knitting; baseball(with the kids); being a wife and mom!
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    I enjoy just about any project but seem to always be making something for my kiddos. Just wish I could find more boy things to make.
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  1. After the morning I had it was such a splendid surprise to have a knock on my door from my mailman!! He handed me a package and upon opening it I had such a smile! Enclosed were gifts for my youngest kiddos!!!! A wonderful MO FGM sent a crochet hat for my baby; a hot wheels car picked especially for my 2yr old by her boys; and a pretty pink bottle of nail polish for my 4yr old princess who already had to do her nails!!! Thank you so much for making me smile and my kids so happy to get something for themselves in the mail! It was wonderful!
  2. I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox today!!! A lovely FGM got me a dress pattern that I'm going to make for both of my girls as soon as I get the yarn together! Thank you for the pattern!!!
  3. I got my package from Mom4x today!!! I still haven't unrolled as I'm debating if I want to unroll it or make something while unrolling it... Thank you so much! The yarn is going to be great to use!! I'll post pictures as soon as I decide what I want to do with it!!!
  4. I'm all but finished...Just waiting on a few answers from my partner to finish a few other ideas then I'll be ready to go!!!
  5. Today i received a beautiful pink 12" square from CShort! Thank you so very much! It really made me smile! Thank you again!!!!!!
  6. I am almost finished shopping!!!! Now I have to finish making a few things and get to rolling...This is going to be the hard part!
  7. I feel like I am so far behind... I do have a list of everything I want to get when I can finally get out tomorrow...I have started making something little and I finally responded to another one of Mom4x's emails! I can't wait to start the ball construction process as I know it's going to be a lumpy mess as well!!
  8. I am very thankful to my MA FGM who gifted me a penguin lovie pattern!!! I can't wait to get my materials together and get a few made up for my little ones!!!
  9. Ok...I think I could use some cheering up and hope I can find some wishes to grant too! My Ravelry Id is ThatThunderbird. Raindbow colored yarn ( I've looked all around me and can not find any for a project for my daughter) A handmade hat for my 11 week old baby boy! I'd love to make this pattern GOT FROM A WONDERFUL KY FGM!!! Thank you! Anything with Owls!!! I've suddenly started an obsession with owls! A new gnome for my family garden! This lovie pattern! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/penguin-security-blankie-lovie-doll Received by a MA FGM! Thank you! My 2 year old son would love to get a toy car or any other kind of mail! My 4 year old daughter too would love to get some girlie mail! Thank you for looking!
  10. I had all intentions of going shopping today but the weather choose otherwise. I'm still in the idea stage so I am going to send my partner another email with some questions and aim to get out the first of the week when hopefully the snow melts!!!
  11. Yea! I got my partner and we have already been chatting! I can't wait to get to know Mom4x as we already seem to have a lot in common! Now I can start putting the ideas together and rolling on this!
  12. I am in love with owls! These are so cute! Thank you for sharing!
  13. I love it! If you don't mind sharing the pattern with me I would greatly appreciate it! I'm sure my baby would appreciate it too in the negative temps we are having!
  14. I have had a very rough past few weeks but I have decided to sign up for this. Hope to send my survey in tonight! Just got it sent! I really hope we get enough people to do this! I have wanted to do one of these for a long time!
  15. I'm taking a quick second out of bed to let Trudy and everyone else know that she sent me the most wonderful package! She undertook a big project in getting for all of my kiddos and it couldn't have come at a better time with me laid up in bed for the past 3 days and not seeing an end in sight! I am going to force myself when I get up in the morning to list everything as it would take a while to post it all and I just don't feel up to it yet... So, Trudy; thank you very much from all of my family and me! You are wonderful!
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