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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Hubby and I are WW2 reenactors. I love to study about women war workers.
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    full time mom
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    I LOVE working with cotton yarns. Hats, dishcloths, etc.
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    my Oma taught me at around 10 yrs old
  1. that's cute peggy. i'm sure he'll love it.
  2. We live in Pittsburgh so we're getting ready for the Super Bowl!!! My son needed a football hat Yarn: RH SS brown and white Pattern: "cool caps" from the Lily website. Just a basic SC hat pattern. For the football stitches, I just did a very simple embroidery. Do the straight line first and then do the cross marks. It's very simple.
  3. just made a skinny scarflett today with white. looks perfect for winter. so soft. it truly is "angel hair"! took only about 25 min to make it too. used M hook and DC. I plan on making a hat too. I have about a 1/2 skein left so I will have to buy 1 more skein to make a hat. but 2 skeins for a hat and scarflett isn't bad.
  4. thanks everyone. it will definately be a one-of-a-kind because it was so time consuming. he can wear it all winter so i'm glad it will get a lot of use at least
  5. Made this for my 3 year old. No pattern used. Just made a basic hat and attached a scarf on each side. Did my best for face features. I think it turned out really nice. I won't be making any more though. VERY time consuming. The horns almost got the best of me! My son just woke up from his nap so he was't cooperating in the picture.
  6. hello. nice items you have there. i want to make just a long strip and sew it in a tube. really simple. i just don't know how long to make it.
  7. I'm going to make a few headbands for our local library. We have a summer reading program and we need prizes for the pre-teens and teens. So I figured I could make up a bunch of headbands quick and easy. The problem I have is that I cannot measure the heads of the winners. I need to make them up ahead of time. I will be using 100% cotton (Sugar n' creme yarn). I know that I will need to consider the stretch of the yarn too. How long should I make them for pre-teens and teens?
  8. i have heard of when cleaning silk flower to put in a brown paper bag with a handful of dry rice. never tried it though.
  9. i love it. i think it's fun and makes people think and i think it brings smiles to people who see it. there doesn't have to be a purpose to everything in life. it is just fun. can't something be just fun and colorful?
  10. great idea! they should sell the calendars like this instead.
  11. i just made this yesterday. thanks for the link. it was easy and very cute.
  12. Well, it's kinda new. It's about a month old. I commited myself to making 5 posts a week. So far so good. I LOVE vintage things so my blog is all about vintage crochet. It's mostly me talking about pictures that I find online. Let me know what you think! I'd really appreciate it. Today's blog: Ugly 60's crochet. (It's VERY easy to find ugly 1960's crochet!) www.myvintagecrochet.com robin
  13. this is really funny. i need a tank cozy! http://tinyurl.com/55p7sh
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