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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Hubby and I are WW2 reenactors. I love to study about women war workers.
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    full time mom
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    I LOVE working with cotton yarns. Hats, dishcloths, etc.
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    my Oma taught me at around 10 yrs old
  1. yay! so glad you like it. that was my very first FBB. i was really intimidated by them for some stupid reason. they aren't hard and the lining is easy too. i'm definitely going to make more! the hat/scarf yarn was bought at joanns several years ago. i don't know if they sell it anymore. i put the label folded in with the scarf so you could see the care instructions. it's a cotton/wool blend and needs to be hand washed/lay flat to dry. i thought it would be perfect for your lake erie winters!!! i'm so glad you like everything and i'm glad you were my partner.
  2. Walker1021: that is where our hotel was! We were on dick rd.
  3. i'm sooo tired. we just got back late last night from 4 days at niagra falls/buffalo, NY. great trip but alot of walking on my newly sprained foot. popped LOTS of advil and lots of ice packs. we had a great time. i love niagra falls. took my 4 year old son on the maid of the mist and we had a blast. it's so powerful when you're down there. i rushed really hard to get my box out to punkrockchick before we left on thursday. so it went out in the mail that morning. she should get it today so i'm really anxious! hope she likes it. i just looked at everyone's packages from the last few days of posts. great bags and great colors!!!
  4. update on my foot. NOT broken. thank goodness. didn't want to deal with a cast for the rest of the summer. but it is sprained. and i'm in so much flippin' pain. walking on crutches and that's annoying but at least it's making me mobile. didn't get any of the good drugs, just advil. i hope i can sleep tonight and crochet tomorrow. haven't gotten anything done with my package today. i have 2 more things to make too. ugh! as god at my witness (in a southern drawl) punkrockchick...you WILL have your box on time. crossing fingers for some sleep tonight. oh and thanks for the well wishes
  5. ugh i'm so sad! i really hurt my left foot yesterday. in so much pain. going to our ER/Urgent care in a few hrs when it opens. I can't even crochet because i'm in so much pain.
  6. my fingers are smoking!!!! i crocheted so much yesterday. my son wasn't feeling well so i was stuck in the house. and i'm still not done!!! lots more to do but it's for punkrockchick so it's soooo worth it.
  7. nicole: i'd be completely jealous if it weren't mine! i think she may have a market for them and would make a mint selling them!
  8. kidget: i wish someone was taping me when i opened my package. i literally screamed. out loud. several times. absolutely genius! she said she used a pattern for the hook holder part but the rest was her invention. she's amazing. i'm afraid to use it because i don't want it messed up in any way! i still use the one you made for me 2 yrs ago. it's my main hook holder and love it!
  9. Hi. Just checking in. Still working on my package. I have all the goodies done. Still working on the crochet part. Waiting for a book from the library so I can get a pattern I want to use. Have all the yarn purchased. Just waiting for the book. And...I've been a bad partner...I got my package last Friday and I am just posting it now. A BIG thank you goes to thepunkrockchick!!!! she over did herself and really catered the package towards my tastes and likes. i'm really into vintage things so she made me 2 great evening/date-night bags that are vintage inspired. and tons of vintage candy! i'm also a harry potter geek and she made me a Snitch necklace and a book of monsters hook holder which is PURE GENIUS!!! i literally screamed when i saw what it was. pure genius i tell you! i also got homespun yarn in green. i love green. a peewee herman keychain. again, love peewee! and she spoiled my son with playfood and candy most of which isn't in the picture because he took off with it as soon as i gave it to him. did i forget anything? i loved my package and honestly truly love everything. we are going on a date this weekend and i will be using the black/white bag for sure! it matches my favorite "date" skirt. i hope you like your package as much as i like mine!!!
  10. ugh! didn't even start crocheting yet. i have all the goodies though. i better start hookin'!
  11. Hi Punkrockchick! You're my partner. I just emailed you to say hi. Can't wait to get started. I also emailed the swap coordinator.
  12. I'm going to have to think about this one. Sounds good.
  13. WOW! that is alot of work for a potholder! love it!!!
  14. yay!!!!! so glad you liked it. when you told me your kitchen colors, i knew exactly what yarn to use. that's the first time i made that pattern. it was fun to make.
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