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    Hats! HATSHATSHATS! <333 MM, welikeyhaats...
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    June 23 or 24, 2005.
  1. AidanM

    WIP Wednesday

    1. My ripple 2. Brynn's blanket for her baby. (Four months to do it, don't know why I'm working so hard at it now.) 3. Mom's gloves. 4. Erika's wrap. 5. Ashley's scarf. 6. My Petite Pineapple doily. 7. My SANITY!
  2. I'd like to try lotion, but I can't think of a one that wouldn't make my hands greasy..maybe baby lotion?
  3. Doesn't help much, if at all. Ach. I guess I'll just have to become a night owl. o.o Hoot Hoot.
  4. Ach, crivens! My hands are getting all sweaty in this heat and then my hook starts to squeak and soon after my yarn stops sliding through my hands easily. What do ya'll do to stop this?
  5. AidanM

    WIP Wednesday

    3 squares finished in 100x120" afghan, 235 squares to go!
  6. AidanM

    WIP Wednesday

    Fingerless gloves Simple Afghan Another beanie Wow. My list is short. I wonder how long it will stay that way!
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