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    Quilting,beaded jewellery,sewing,crochet,reading
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    Blankets...anything which can be useful :)
  1. Gorgeous!!! I love pinks and purples...she's a very lucky little girl
  2. ...can't wait to see some of your work!
  3. MsRose

    Hi :D

    so much for the wonderful welcome
  4. MsRose

    Hi :D

    Hi...after being guilty of lurking for a week or so, I've just joined this great forum! I live on the east coast of Australia, and right now it is winter...which is a great excuse to spend my evenings in front of the fire with my cats (who occasionally stir from their slumber to chase chase the yarn and make it soggy ) , and whatever project I'm working on. I came across this forum while searching for some crochet patterns. I'm looking forward to meeting other members
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