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  1. You’ve never heard of Invader Zim?!!!... get your twisted-sense-of-humour cap on and watch an episode on youtube or something.
  2. Wish I could give it to you but my hands are tied! Why dont you try making up your own pattern? *All cartoons start out as 3D geometric shapes (cubes, spheres, tubes, etc.) so I figured ditto for crocheting amigurumi. Afterwards when u add felt, embroidery and beads, it comes to life! so learn to crochet basic shapes! When I don’t have the pattern, to get inspiration, I LoOk and study a pic carefully, sometimes even counting the rows! Or even studying pics of toys from different angles. Do post what u come up with!
  3. Thanks for the compliments. ..... And thanks to all the kind people who post stuff here, I learnt to crochet from reading their posts. Wish I could give something back, but don’t fancy sitting in jail - no fun! Besides, I don’t even know who to approach for permission. Anyone in the know? Btw, I should mention that the "art work" in the back ground is copyright to my son! lol!!! *kidding*
  4. I made this gir for my sister.. she loves invader zim. I designed it myself to be true to form as i could, and considering I'm a newby self-taught, its pretty good if i do say so myself! lol. Hope im not breaking any copyrights.. spare me if it is, its my first post. http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll218/dysonor/n649131254_556520_81421.jpg http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll218/dysonor/n649131254_556498_9511.jpg
  5. Room for another FBB-er? I've been lurking for ages... still kinda new to crochet (knitter really) but ever the risk taker. I wanted something bigger so started with 29ch instead of the 18, 5 extra for either sides and 1 for the middle...if that makes sense. Hope it works. I'm about half way through and it sorta looks like what everyone says it should... I was wondering, has anyone tried to lined it with a bias cut lining? It would make it less fiddly, no pleats….Hmm, might try it and update ya’ll. Cross your fingers 4 me.
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