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  1. Nope...to start something new is to shove something undone away and forget about it.
  2. They are beautiful! I especially like the blue one--the colors really pop!
  3. Thank you. I made it with Red Heart dark plum, TLC sage mary and a coats and clark eggshell. The bad (lol...) thing about seeing everyone's pictures how many ideas they give you. I did a spidey-ghan for one nephew, I blatantly copied chromekitty's blended pastel baby-ghan for my cousin, and I want to try the blue star afghan for my sister-in-law. And I'm working on a camoflauge afghan for my other nephew, which I never would have really thought of if I hadn't read other's being excited over camoflauge-colored yarns.
  4. Hi...I've been reading along for a couple of months, and thought I'd show Judy what she inspired me to complete. I used to be scared of anything that included the word "ripple".
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