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  1. This piece is amazing!! I don't think I can make that, but would sure like to buy one from you.
  2. Now I am sitting on the edge of my office chair wondering what this thing looks like. I hope you get it done in a hurry just so I can see it. They don't have that magazine on our store shelves. ~ Brenda
  3. Thanks Donna! I will check into that. ~ brenda
  4. Thanks for the compliments on our wood surfaces and for the idea for the thread holder. How deep of a drawer would be good? We could make one for as many threads as you think would be good. Great Idea!!! Keep them coming. We are planning on just staining them in different wood tones. Like cherry, walnut, oak etc. I thought maybe I'd do some folk art type painting on some and something that looked like it's very old like crackle with some faded roses etc. That would however drive the price up a bit. I am really getting excited about this now. Especially since some of you said that you would pay for it. You know what they say, if there's one person out there that would like one, there are at least a million more. We can make anything out of wood within reason. Would love to hear some more of your ideas. I am going to make one of these boxes and paint it and put an ad in a magazine as well. Is there a favorite knitting or crocheting magazine that you can't live without? If you all can help me out with this as you have been, there is a special discount in it for yours if you decide to purchase one. After we do a show, I will put a page on the site for them. Right now , I am in the learning stage with this. Thanks again ~ Brenda
  5. Thanks for all your help. I have a place to start. If you would care to see something like we are thinking about, look on my site at http://www.woodconceptsstudio.com and go to the wood pieces page. I'd put the picture here, but don't really know how. There is a piece there called Irene's box and aside of it are the fame with legs that we would use. That way the crafters could sit it on something if they choose not to use or buy the legs. In other words, you wouldn't have to purchase the legs. The box would do well on it's own. The box I was thinking of would be like this only with two drawers in the front. The box would be long enough to hold the longest Knitting needles and have dividers in them for crochet hooks and tools like row counters, etc. The top of the box would have a much larger hip roof on it so that if you are working on a project it would fit. Not an afgan, but maybe a sweater or something. This is along the lines of a small piece of furniture. Thanks for helping me here. We do well with our website and shows, but you always need to look to expand your horizons. I'd really apreciate your help here. Thanks again, ~ Brenda
  6. We are in the wood cutting business for the decorative painting venue. I am also a knitter and crocheter and that's why I'm a member here. By the way, just got the Woman's Day Easy Crochet magazine and last night I made the felted cell phone case. It's too cute. The reason I am posting is that with our industry slowing at the moment, I had an idea for a wooden box that can sit on a wooden frame with legs to store needle work. The box would be like a chest with a arched top that was large enough to store your project in while the 2 drawers that would open in the front would hold needles etc. We do trade shows and were thinking that if they had trade shows for knitting, crocheting etc, that this may be another way to get our product out there. They would be stained or I would put some decorative painting on them and sell them. My 2 questions are, Would you pay about $130.00 to $150.00 for a beautiful box like this to sit beside your favorite chair to store you things in, or not? Honest opinons please:) Next, do any of you know of any trade shows for this venue that we may be able to get a booth there and sell our product? or websites for them?? Thanks for your opinons and your comments. I also saw an ad for this website in the Crochet magazine. Good job on getting the news out there. Thanks, ~ Brenda
  7. That is great!!! I love felting and it's so easy. I'd be interested in knowing how you dyed it also. ~ Brenda
  8. That is very beautiful! You have a lot of talent. ~ Brenda
  9. That is really a great looking bag. I want one to. I have to see the result of my work so quick when I felt something that I just chuck it in the washer as quick as I can. I admire you for being able to wait. ~ Brenda
  10. I have been crocheting, knitting, quilting, painting, etc since I was 14 and I am 55 now. I have fibromyaliga and it's very good therapy for me to keep me from stiffening up and having pain. I vote for keeping those needles in your hands for as many years as you like. It will keep you young. They always say that when you get old you will sit in your rocking chair and knit all day and that will make you older faster. I always say that people who have the talent to create will only sit long enough to make what they create. After all we have to get out and look for yarn, sewing supplies, paint, brushes, needles, sissors, thread, more yarn, etc,. That will get us out of our chairs and keep us young. So, I never listen to what they say, I live for myself. ~ Brenda
  11. bjz

    Dog Bone

    Andrea, I need that pattern for my kitchen. You did a wonderful job on that. I hope you will let us have that pattern. ~ Brenda (thinking she's writing as we speak )
  12. That is beautiful. If you know this bride very well and want her to have one to save, you could make another one like it and put on the card, one to stay and one to go. That way two gals would have that beautiful garter and who knows maybe the one that catches it would save it for her wedding. Just a thought. ~ Brenda
  13. Very beautiful patterns and the site looks great! ~ Brenda
  14. Wow! that really is beautiful and deserving of a first prize! ~ Brenda
  15. bjz

    hook help!

    Just wanted to let you all know that I got the crayola stuff and also purchased the Clover soft crochet hook. The crochet hook was better then the regular one, but that crayola stuff was terrific. I sat down and did all my hooks with that stuff. I molded it to the hook then sat down and did a few stitches with each one so that they are now molded to my hand print. This is a terrific idea and I thank you all for helping me out here. My hooks are all now partly neon yellow green and very easy to find I might add.
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