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  1. I just gave away the majority of my scrap stash. (which was a LOT of yarn) I made sure to weed out the worn out cruddy yarn, and tossed what was really really bad...and all the scraps were nicely (loosely) wound yarn cakes that I did with my yarn winder. (easier to control cakes than round balls of yarn) Yarn cakes are nice and stackable. The neighbor that took them for her daughter to knit scarves for homeless people was impressed with how nice the yarn looked. She kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to give it away. I'm sure. I'm doing some remodeling in my bedroom and the yarn was coming out of my ears, it was everywhere in the room, and there was no way for me to use it all. So, I went thru my scrap stash, kept a few skeins and yarn cakes of some yarn for myself to make a scrap afghan, and gave the rest away. It was surprisingly easy to do and now that it's gone, I can justify buying more yarn. What I gave away was all Red Heart yarn, and since I've got MS and my hands seem to be going numb, I cant stand the feel of RH anymore. (I love Hobby Lobby's ILTY tho...much softer and nicer to my numb hands). Now I have more room to store stuff, and I still have a massive stash of non-scrap yarn that I need to use up. (so, maybe I cant really justify buying more new yarn) Plus, my dad knits and he's not had to buy much yarn for his projects because he goes "shopping" in my yarn stash. Amazing how many afghans he's knitted in the past year. More than I've crocheted. (I havent done much because of the MS picking on me this year)
  2. If I can still find the folder on my computer, I may have a lot of the original pictures for her patterns. I saved them in Word files several years back. That computer isnt currently hooked up (remodeling the house, I'm using a laptop currently) but once I get my computer back online, I might be able to find some of the missing pictures. I know I didnt get all of her patterns saved, but I think I had a good bunch of them. I was making myself a binder of printouts of her patterns for my own use. I also have a few pictures of projects that I'd made from her patterns, if sample pictures are needed.
  3. Celtwich now has a Yahoo Group. I dont have the link to her group handy, but I'm sure you could go to Yahoo Groups and search for her group. I'm not sure if she's put the pattern to the chairback doily in the group yet. But, you can ask there.
  4. Dot lives in North Carolina, I think. She used to be a member of the About.com crochet forum where I moderate. I dont think she's been to About.com in over a year.
  5. I've been looking, but the news station website that hosted the video apparently took it down. I'll have to search someplace like YouTube and see if I can find it.
  6. Why would I want to stashbust? Then I'd just have to go out and buy more!
  7. I went to Walmart with my parents to get some groceries. My dad, who just started knitting again after nearly 20yrs, dragged me into the yarn aisle, and immediately enabled me by buying me several skeins of Red Heart Fleck (claret fleck) Then later on, we went to Michael's to help him pick a new color for a shawl he's knitting my mom (nothing wild, just a long garter stitch rectangle) and we saw some Bernat yarn on clearance. So, he bought me more yarn. (he bought me 10 skeins of ILTY at Hobby Lobby last week too) My stash of brand new skeins is starting to build up again. I still have more scrap than new, but at least I've got enough yarn to at least keep me happy for a few years if the economy keeps going south.
  8. If you want to see fast crocheting, you'll have to find a video of Lisa Gentry (who I think is a member here, somewhere...I know she's on Ravelry) Lily Chin was NEVER the fastest crocheter in the world. She was only given that title when she was at a yarn or crochet/knitting event somewhere, and they had a contest and she won. The organizer of the event declared her the fastest crocheter in the world. At the time, the fastest crocheter was Barbara Jean Sonntag, who set the record in 1981. She held the title until Lisa Gentry broke the record in 2005. http://www.hookandneedledesigns.com/fastest_crocheter.htm I saw video of Lisa and Lily having a "crochet-off", and Lily was a snail compared to Lisa. Lily only crocheted 82 stitches to Lisa's 107. http://fashiondesigners.suite101.com/article.cfm/lisa_gentry
  9. I like the finished look of a liner. I've crocheted one bag and added a liner. I used cotton yarn, so of course, I could not felt it. I added my liner with a sewing machine. You have to be careful if you use a sewing machine. I had to watch to make sure the presser foot didnt catch on any stitches.
  10. Could it have been Lisa Gentry? http://www.hookandneedledesigns.com/fastest_crocheter.htm Not sure if she has a video of it tho...
  11. A couple of years ago, I had a serious vision problem. I had giant blind spots obscuring 2/3rds of my vision in one eye, and it was messing with my color vision in both eyes. I learned to knit while recovering from that. (I apparently needed the challenge) and I was using up a lot of scrap yarn leftover from 20-30 years of crochet projects to practice my knitting. Since my color vision was all wonky, and I was just randomly pulling out colors, and I wasnt a very good knitter yet. I ended up making a hideous looking scarf. My stitches were all straight, and I didnt drop any, but the colors of the scarf were pretty bad. My dad had a bad cold and took the Ugly Scarf to work one day because the scarf was warm and comfy, even if it was ugly. He got some bad comments on wearing that thing. He told one of the people there that I knitted the scarf while half blind, and partially color blind. He was just happy that I was able to learn how to knit while being sick like that. It's his favorite scarf now. Even tho he's knitting himself one now (he learned to knit in the early 60's while stationed in Alaska) he still says that it's the best scarf he's worn during a cold winter. It was just the right size for him, and all the yarn I picked for it was warm. So what if it's ugly.
  12. You said that your sister made the scarf? If someone kvetches at you about the scarf again, say (in an offended/hurt voice) "My sister made this for me! I think it's perfect!/It's my favorite! How dare you insult my sister/family!". Or something to that effect.
  13. Ok, I just looked, and can almost tell what I'm doing wrong. I keep making the same stupid mistakes, and cant get mine to look like the pictures. I'm walking away from this for a few hours. The yarn I'm using is starting to look bad from being frogged so much, so I'm printing off a coupon or two and going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby to get two more colors to try this with. I may start over with a larger hook too. At least from those pictures, I could tell that I got the first two rounds correct. It's just the third round that my brain and fingers cant quite get the hook to do. I can see how it's done, and I know how it's done (why doesnt she just say "back post" to do those stitches?) It's got to be her wording that my brain is not grasping. (not the UK stitches, I can translate that in my head, since I learned UK stitches first and had to relearn American stitches) I looked up the definition to "cluny" and it means "under papal authority ruled over many daughter houses, church reform" and that's the only definition I can find for it. So, I'm guessing that "cluny" in crochet basically means "groups of stitches". So she is basically saying "group group" when she says "cluny group". Either that, or there's some other definition for "cluny" somewhere and I havent figured that part out yet. This pattern is just driving me nuts because of the long drawn out wording that she uses. I just want something that says "chain "whatever", triple crochet in the next so-many stitches, slip stitch somewhere. The MS that I have makes my brain not like to read long sentences. I just want it simple. Too bad I dont have a crochet diagram program. I'd be able to follow this in symbol crochet even tho I dont use those types of patterns often, but at least I'd be able to see where things go and how.
  14. This pattern is confusing the heck out of me. I understand that it's written with UK crochet terms, but I'm not quite understanding exactly how to do the pattern because it seems like it wasnt written very well. I had similar problems with the Seraphina shawl, and I thought that if I could figure that pattern out (I did) that I'd be able to crochet anything. Yet, I'm having serious problems with this one. Either it's my MS making me stupid (which is probably the case), or the original writer of the pattern didnt originally speak English. I cant get anything I try except for the first two rows to look like any of the pictures that I've seen here or on Ravelry.
  15. I learned how to crochet first. My parents used to get me balloons when we went to a local restaurant when I was little. My dad would make a slip knot and put it around my wrist. I was more interested in how the slip knot worked than playing with the balloons. I taught myself how to make slip knots and finger crocheted everything I could find when I learned you could make a bunch of slip knots in a row. My sister took knitting classes from a neighbor, and I remember going with her once. Thought it was neat, but the lady teaching my sister said I was too little. My dad knitted, and he casted on some yarn onto two knitting needles and tried to show me. I was probably too little because all I did was make a big knot on the knitting needles. So, I did finger crochet with yarn from my dad's stash for a few years. Made headbands out of chains. I was 6 when my sister was in Girl Scouts and she learned to crochet. She knew I was making chains with my fingers, and decided to teach me how to crochet. So she bought me a hook and a skein of pink Red Heart and showed me how to slip stitch, which I think is the only crochet stitch she learned from the Girl Scouts. I slip stitched little bags, bracelets, headbands, whatever for years. One day my grandma saw that I slip stitched a bag that I kept change in. Asked if I wanted to learn more, and she taught me several more stitches. I must have been around 10yrs old, or in my early teens by then. I think I made my first afghan when I was about 17 or 18. I think I've made several hundred by now. (dont have many to show for it either, was giving most of them away until recently) I'm cough39yrscough old now. I didnt learn to knit till about 2yrs ago. I was watching an episode of Knit One, Purl Two. The host of the show was teaching Marina Sirtis how to purl a stitch. It was the camera angle or something, because all of a sudden my brain went "I can do that!" and I picked up some knitting needles that my aunt had given me because she didnt want them any more (size 14 needles!) I casted on some scrap yarn (I'd been needle tatting and the cast on for that is similar) and tried to do the knit stitch. (I knew she was teaching Marina how to purl, but decided to try the knit stitch first) A few minutes later I had a couple of rows of knitting. Went upstairs to show my dad, since he knits, and asked if I was doing it right. He said I was. I didnt really care much for it, so I didnt knit any more for a couple of days. Then I woke up on morning after a Migraine From Heck. I had a huge blind spot in my left eye, obscured 2/3rds of my vision in that eye. I found out later that it was called Optic Neuritis and was one of my first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. During the next few weeks when I was getting tested, I was more than a little freaked out by the whole thing. So, to keep my mind off my problems I went and bought some smaller knitting needles. (circulars) and basically kept myself sane by teaching myself to knit. Knitting saved my sanity for the next 7 or 8 months. I got diagnosed just after christmas that year. (the optic neuritis started in late August of 2006, I got diagnosed with MS in January of 2007) I didnt learn how to purl until probably about February or March of 2007. (had a problem with full body numbness and that drove me nuts, so I kept working on the knitting) I will always love to crochet and prefer that, but knitting now has a special place for when I'm stressed out. I've knitted a lot of scarves in the last couple of years.
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