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  1. Hey everyone, I've been debating about posting this, but the time has come. I am needing to recruit someone to help out with the scores for a while. Our family has hit a rough spot and that is taking all my energy so I know I won't be able to post scores for a few weeks. Krystal- do you think you could help me out?
  2. I haven't used any yarn this week, with everyone sick and sock madness starting, I haven't done much busting of the stash. 0 for the week ------------------ Wow not many people have posted scores, so this will just be a starter list. I'll update it in the morning if anyone else posts after this. Saturday, March 15, 2008 Overachiever Award Nght +446 First Place LegalWoman17 +50 Second Place KellyA +41 Third Place Ellie 13 +33 HappyOldCro +27 DreamsOfYarn +16 unicorn37757 +14 raelynn +11 CLLinda +10 anglefire +10 hseger +9 TammyNC +8 econ nerd +6 isserlie +4 walker1021 +2 Krystal16 +2 Cesa +2 goofy +2 laurawithchild +2 basjordan +2 appy lover +2 RusticOkie +1 Addey 0 Crafty Witch 0 ldyer1 -2 lpgeorge123 -6 CraftyJen -14 YummyMummyJennifer -16 slksneel -18 HappyOldCro -24 Shoot the moon Lisaizme -64
  3. Actually we were in and out in a matter of minutes. Her regular doctor moved to a different hospital and this doctor just fit her in. If she is still has a cough or fever on Thursday, we are supposed to go back. The bad thing is, her cough just started on Saturday... and progressed this fast.
  4. Just got back from the doctor and DD has the very beginnings of pneumonia. So if it's ok with everyone, we'll just skip this weeks scores. And I'll do a double score on saturday.
  5. I'm so sorry everyone, I know I don't have the scores done yet. DD has been having 101+ fevers all weekend. So this is the first time I've been online long enough to do anything. I'm going to try and get DD in to the doctor today and see what's going on, so hopefully tonight I can get scores done. Again I'm so sorry everyone.
  6. Don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD 1 hour before bed tonight!
  7. Scores will be posted tomorrow morning. DD is sick with a bad cold, and I'm not feeling so well either. So after she goes to bed, so am I. Scores should be posted by 9 am central.
  8. I sent out another 5 skeins in the mail today. I love destashing on ravelry!
  9. Just got back from the post office and mailed 28 skeins off to several people. Mostly karma swaps on ravelry. +56
  10. Saturday, March 01, 2008 First Place -- Lisaizme +65 & jeannie1205 +65 Second Place -- 2kute +43 Third Place -- LegalWoman17 +20 Runner Up -- yarncat +18 & scc51055 +18 HappyOldCro +11 Ellie13 +10 basjordan +8 Super Granny _8 donnalynn2 +8 walker1021 +8 lpgeorge123 +6 CLLinda +6 raelynn +5 appy lover +4 jneuman88 +4 CraftyJen +3 rddugan +3 darski +3 kilikina +3 slksnell +3 MrsCrochtPants Krystal16 +1 TammyNC 0 Needle Arts 0 LaurieE 0 Tia 0 sewmom 0 130chris 0 CyM 0 ScoobyDoo0811 -1 hseger -1 Addey -9 JennyBunny -9 laurawithchild -10 DreamsOfYarn -14 krazy-kitty -14 laughlovehook -16 CroJulee -17 econ-nerd -18 Shoot the Moon -- Nght -78
  11. I changed the prices on these books... Again all prices are negotiable and will consider trades.
  12. I got 8 skeins in the mail today from an order I placed at The Loopy Ewe for my knit socks, and Sock Madness. -16
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