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    I was following the pattern and making the triples and wondering if could sub doubles and make that work, but no need now, thanks though!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I ended up frogging several rows and switching to a smaller hook. I think I just crochet really loose, a lifter I guess from that article. There is still some ruffling but it is much less than before, blocking will hopefully take care of it.
  3. ~Kel~


    Had anyone ever tried doing the classic pineapples with double crochet stitches instead of trebles?
  4. Oh my it's been so long since I popped over here I forgot my password, bad bad me. Anyway I'm working on the Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan in the Unexpected Afghans book. I had to frog and start over with a different hook size as it wasn't working with the yarn I had, ruffling in the first rounds of pineapples. Second time around much better, got the whole first set of pineapples done, fastened off, reconnected my yarn as instructed in the pattern and started the new rounds of 27 pineapples, now it's ruffling like mad. I know it says it needs to be blocked when complete. I'm wondering if anyone else has made this afghan and had the same thing happen. Is the ruffling natural and will be solved by blocking when done or do I need to scrap this project? I'm using worsted weight RH yarn and a J hook, tried with an I hook and that was bad.
  5. ok finally back to school , here is this rug plus one I made earlier this school year black with all variegated leftovers, the kids were thrilled finally they all have room to sit on a rug and not be squished, even with the new kiddos we keep getting
  6. oh boy colors ummm the purple vari is a RH called Razzle, the blue vari is RH macaw, I also used RH teal and both the burgandy/maroon and dark rose colors are RH but not sure the exact colors as they are in ball form having the wrappers long since removed, the pink was a hand me down from my MIL so I really have no idea sorry, Thank you so much everyone!
  7. WOWEE WOW WOW WOW!!! Love this!
  8. I have frogged but I think not counting my stitches to keep each side even is part of the problem, my center squares and first round of triangles are ok it was after that I was off. I've redone the black border I added after that round counting stitches to make sure all four sides are even and so I know how many stitches each triangle should have as their base. I will measure the center squares before I go any further just to be sure though. Thank you!
  9. Changed my mind after pulling it back put to work, much as I hate to do it, I'm frogging back to at least the second round of triangles and maybe all the way back the center squares. I'll be keeping in mind hook size and tightness of stitches, maybe doing the black outline a bit different, thanks again for the suggestions ladies
  10. ~Kel~

    Mickey Mouse

    I would like to make my grandfather an afghan or lapghan with Mickey Mouse, does anyone know of any licensed patterns I could purchase?
  11. Thanks for the replies ladies. I did use the hook called for by the pattern and the yarn but my stitches tend to be a bit bigger/looser so I probably did need to use a smaller hook. Right now I think I'm going to finish it, wash it and see. If it still buckles I'll frog back to the center squares and try again. I'm wondering if its the added rounds of black that are causing part of the issue, though I know the last time I tried a project w/ sc in different directions it pulled badly. Maybe my sc are tighter than when I dc. Hmmm well at least I now have your suggestions to consider
  12. I'm using this pattern http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/LW3907.pdf right now to make a ghan and as I go the center is buckling up, it was fine the first round or two, then it buckled a little but I was able to stretch it and get it flat again. It seems to be the changing direction of the stitches from the triangles pulling against each other, stretching and stretching relieves it for a while then it buckles up again. I hate to frog it all and start again though I will if I have to (UGH UGH UGH). What I'm wondering is if I wash it will that loosen the stitches enough to lay flat do you think? I have washed other stiff ghans on a high agitation cycle and it softened then and seemed to loosen stitches. If I do that though should I use cold, warm, or hot water? Agitate highly or gentle? is there anything I can add to the water? I'm on the sixth round of triangles and really don't want to start over so any suggestions would be appreciated, even if they are to tell me to frog it lol. I'll add a picture of it from before I started the black edging and round 6, you can see how the lines are a bit wonky from stretching but it is laying flat and yes the black edging is not part of the original pattern, I added it to try and make it look most like stained glass, I'm kind of on a kick lately
  13. thanks everyone it was kind of a combination of patterns,the round ripple, the black outlining came from the Spiderman round ripple, I did add the points part way through to take it from 12-24, then I made the peaks solid by replacing the 2dc, ch2, 2dc shell with 5dc in one stitch, and the dc, c2, dc with 3dc i one stitch
  14. Oops sorry, yes I used black and then a bunch of leftover balls of color yarn together with an M hook
  15. ~Kel~

    Queen Size Afghan

    WOW! That looks amazing!
  16. made this one for my MIL, she gave me some of the yarn for it and the last one I gave her was appropriated by one of my nephews, used several patterns as inspiration and made it up as I went along making the points solid, instead of shell being 2dc ch2 2dc I did 5 dc, then the small shell round was 3 dc in the middle dc from the point before
  17. Thank you everyone. Not sure how long it took me to make it work time wise because I ran out of black yarn and when I went to buy more Walmart was out. Overall it was a few weeks though.
  18. Thanks everyone! We haven't gone back to school yet, 2 snow days on the end of our break so I haven't been able to get it out in my room. I already have one there that's about 8 ft point to point but it wasn't enough for all the kids to sit on so now I'll have two and they can spread out
  19. most of it is ww but some of the colors are other types of yarn, and thank you!
  20. That looks amazing. I don't think I'd have the patience to make a Bavarian that big but this makes me want to try
  21. I'll actually be using this as a rug in my classroom instead of as a blanket which is why it's so big, biggest thing I've crocheted to date actually, point to point across it's 9 ft, I love the way the black and magic ball ghans turn out
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