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    teacher, mom, wife, friend, all around crazy person LOL
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    Ballwin, MO
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    crochet nautrally, reading, writing, playing online, watching MASH which drives DH crazy LOL
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    afghans, shawls, purses...
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    my grandma taught me when I was back in high school so early 90s

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  1. ~Kel~


    I was following the pattern and making the triples and wondering if could sub doubles and make that work, but no need now, thanks though!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I ended up frogging several rows and switching to a smaller hook. I think I just crochet really loose, a lifter I guess from that article. There is still some ruffling but it is much less than before, blocking will hopefully take care of it.
  3. ~Kel~


    Had anyone ever tried doing the classic pineapples with double crochet stitches instead of trebles?
  4. Oh my it's been so long since I popped over here I forgot my password, bad bad me. Anyway I'm working on the Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan in the Unexpected Afghans book. I had to frog and start over with a different hook size as it wasn't working with the yarn I had, ruffling in the first rounds of pineapples. Second time around much better, got the whole first set of pineapples done, fastened off, reconnected my yarn as instructed in the pattern and started the new rounds of 27 pineapples, now it's ruffling like mad. I know it says it needs to be blocked when complete. I'm wonderin
  5. I just joined a few days ago, I'm addicted already and have already crocheted several small things that I've found on there. I'm kedavis99 if anyone wants to follow me, I'll follow you too.
  6. My grandma taught me how to crochet at least the basics, then I used books and the internet to learn more. I've since passed it on teaching a friend, my MIL, and several students.
  7. I'm 34 and have been crocheting at least since my teens though I couldn't tell you exactly when. My grandma taught me to crochet and knit, though crochet is what stuck LOL. I love to crochet for my family and friends. My younger brother is the only that teases me about my "granny" hobby but he just does it to try and get under my skin, too bad for him it doesn't work LOL
  8. ok that looks sooo cool! now to add it to my to-do pile
  9. Holy WOW! that is amazing!!!
  10. I'm hoping to finish it before we go on vacation so I can just be doing the final runs while we're gone, but then again things get in the way, I was supposed to run yesterday but my hip and knee were bothering me so i waited til today. I'm planning on running Tues and Thurs during the week but we may have company overnight that will have me pushing it back to Fri (which might work better bc I'm going to need to run Sun bc Sat is our big neighborhood garage sale, too many cars and people to run then)
  11. I'm actually going for every other day, it bothers me to take two days off LOL
  12. that's the one I did this morning too, I'm loving this program, oh and Tia I got info at http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml and I downloaded Robert Ullrey's podcasts from iTunes, he tells you exactly when to walk and when to run, it's so easy
  13. ok joining in, I just bought a bunch of RH sunshine print at Michael's (it was on clearance for 99 cents I couldn't pass it up LOL) and I need to do something with it so since I want to lose about 30 pounds and I'm working on the "couch to 5k" program I'm going to combine the two, though I have no idea what ghan to make yet, headed to the library soon maybe I'll find a book with some inspiration, or I'll take any ideas you have ladies I just don't do squares LOL too many ends to weave in. I have 14 skeins of the yarn so plenty to work with
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