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  1. For us cube dwellers these are nice for our eco-friendly workplace. Facilities came around last week and made all of our large trash cans recycle bins and now we have a large centrally placed bin around the workfloor for our personal garbage. One of these would be nice to carry the stuff to the trash bin! Thanks for posting the link!
  2. The scarf I'm working on now will be my own design and if I like the end result, I will post on the original free pattern forum; so far I'm liking it. I have one pattern repeat done so we'll see how it goes.
  3. Oooooohhhhhhh I love the color and the flowers. What yarn is that???? I must own some bwwwwwaahhhhhhh
  4. My copy arrived yesterday and it seems my to do list is getting longer and longer!!!! There are so many beautiful projects to do and Kathy, yours is at the top of my list.
  5. I've been thinking about using it to make a shawl because it goes so quickly.
  6. Hi everyone, Here is my entry for January: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ilIA7B_KCx8YNPzAlE5YQA?feat=directlink The pattern can be found here: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa051206.htm I love this pattern because it is soooooo quick! The red was chosen because a friend who moved from Nebraska to London sent me some pictures of London at Christmas and commented on the holly berries.
  7. Congratulations!!! I flipped through a copy at guild last week and there are gorgeous designs throughout the book. I wish my copy would hurry up and come! I really hate it when subscribers get their copies so late after the issue appears on the newstand!
  8. No that's the SNB One skein scarf but I want to make one with the edging pattern so that may be next once I finish the seashells scarf on my hook now.
  9. I'm doing this one now and the thing that keeps throwing me off is the joining of the motifs but I think I've got it now. When all else fails look at the diagram!!!
  10. Girl, you are making me drool. I love it all but that butterfly is absolutely stunning!!!!
  11. I just posted a pic of the scarf I finished last night.
  12. Welcome!!! I'm in Omaha. Good to have you here!
  13. All of mine were received very well; some with a few tears and all with a nice hug!
  14. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/v3GGvCl2yT3eO4CYmbspLg?feat=directlink I made this scarf for a friend who loves pastels - do you think she'll like it?
  15. Ok but how many 18 year olds are raising a three-year that is not their own??? I say show her that kindness exists and if you're going to have the discussion about responsibility, put it into something she can relate to. And just because someone had a bad break and irresponsible parenting, DOES NOT make a person manipulative.
  16. OHHHHHHH I've been waiting and hoping for this one to be posted-Yay!!!!! I think I have some cotton yarn in colors that will work. I will have to check on that!!!
  17. Hi I'm looking for some Omaha Nebraska area crocheters to talk crochet with and perhaps do meetups with. Anyone interested??? :crocheting
  18. I haven't found a crochet buddy through this forum but I am joining the NE knit and crochet guild to crochet tomorrow!!!!
  19. She's leaving the tree alone but is loving the tree skirt because with it being on the heart which is tile, she slides well!!!
  20. I have not made a tree skirt for this year but will be making one next and mentioned to Hubby that I didn't want Zinger the attack kitty messing with it like she does the one I have now. Hubby suggested sewing either a button and loop to the underside or using those snaps that people are using on shawls that look like buttons. I like the idea so the skirt will stay in place!!!!
  21. Kreshy, how is the pattern for this coming along?????
  22. Thank you Kathy for both your creativity and your generosity!!!
  23. the pattern is not appearing on the ravelry site either
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