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  1. Ohhhh Darski, that is so gorgeous!!! I love the way that would stay on. Now that classes are done for me until after Thanksgiving, I actually have time to work on some things!!!


    I have started the Wrap with Slits and I am now on the long boring part where it is every 2 rows the same. I could use the focus to git 'er done.


    Strangely enough, I am actually planning to keep this for myself as I think it would be very nice draped over shoulders with the slits and drapes at the shoulder.

    Very pretty through the fall months when you

    want something to keep away that chill in the air :autumn

    ... and very stylish at the bus stop in January :wbrr

  2. Hi everyone,


    I haven't been around much, between having had an emblation, work, and school but I'm still trying to finish my April scarf.


    I wanted to say thank you to all of you who held me up in prayer; it is sooooo appreciated.


    I'm dealing with a good deal of depression right now; too many things going on and not enough time to just restore myself but I'm working on it.

  3. Hi gang,


    Well since I frogged my scarf completely out last night (the yarn did not lend itself well to the pattern) and started a different scarf, I will not have a submission for March but am drooling over all of yours!!!


    School (algebra) is kicking my butt so my crochet time keeps dwindling more and more. Add to that a fire and tornado at my workplace in the same week and finding out that I have fibroids and the drs. recommending surgery and I am off track quite a bit lol!!! I need a long vacation with no deadlines so I can just crochet away.

  4. I made this pattern a couple of years ago but I got off track a bit somewhere on that one. It still worked of course - you can't go wrong with a pineapple shawl :wlol






    I used a mill end in peach with a 6.5mm hook. I followed a pic I found somewhere on the web so I can't give you a link for it. (Don't know a link for it :rofl )




    Absolutely gorgeous esp in peach!!!!!!

  5. I went; unfortunately none of the friends who committed to doing this with me showed up and most didn't bother to call me either:blush ; I could have saved the gas, stayed home, drank my coffee, listed to music and chilled lol. Still, it was very neat being amongst a large group of people with a common goal.









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