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    I had a knitting and crochet business now retired. I am a mother & grandmother. Have 2 tiny furbabys
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    knitting and crochet
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    Retired and loving it.
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    baby blankets
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  1. Hello Everyone, Well as everyone that has been crocheting or knitting for a long time knows, we run out of people and pets to make things for. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any pet charities that could use hand made dog sweaters? Crocheted, knit or sewn? My girls can only wear just so many. www.canine-kids.com Thanks
  2. These are really cute booties. I love the second row, haven't seen that cross over strap in a pattern before. You do great work.
  3. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.
  4. Hi Everyone, Does anyone happen to know where I can find the pattern for the sleeping doll? The doll was created with two heads and a long skirt. When you flip it one way it was a long nightie and the face was asleep. When you flip the skirt the other way the face was smiling and the skirt was a long dress. Anyone remember this? It was a long time ago, 30 or more years.
  5. OHHHHHHHHH This is so cute. It brings back many memories. I made them up for my girls when they were small. That was over 30 years ago. I have been looking for that pattern for my granddaughter. I love the colors you used too.
  6. I love this little blanket. I really enjoy making the squares but I ship them off to my sister to put together. You did a great job.
  7. MAINSTAYS CRAFT 4-PLY 7 oz Hi Everyone, I am in the middle of a blanket and went to Wal Mart to pick up two skeins of Mainstay 4 ply 7 oz yarn. What a surprise to me when I see the yarn is down to Red Heart and very little of that. I had no idea that were going to quit selling yarn. So now I have a baby blanket half done. Does anybody have a skien of the soft yellow and one of light blue they would like to sell? I only need one skein of each color and I can finish this blanket. We are a little town and they sure am goofing up as far as I can see. So many older people got their yarn there, They can't go to the city. I don't know what they are thinking. Wal Mart came into this little place closed down two major groceriers and some other Mom and Pop stores and now down grade and leave the locals hanging. Hope somebody can help me and has some yarn left over from a project they are willing to part with. Don't worry I am willing to pay for yarn and shipping. Thanks
  8. I think if it has yarn I do it... I learned to crochet first, than hand knit, than machine knit and finally loom knit. I enjoy it all, but favor crocheting because I learned it first and is so easy and portable. My site has my full story. My niece taught me how to crochet when I was very young.
  9. Hello Everyone, I have been considering getting some of the very large handled hooks. I found some a while ago that had almost a shoe horn type handle, but can't find them now. Has anyone tried them? If so would you let me know what you think of them and where they can be found? The old hands stiffen up a bit as the weather gets cold. Thanks all.
  10. Your shawl is very pretty. I would never have thought to add beads to a shawl, but it sure gives it a very nice touch. My daughter would love this one, color and beads are perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  11. No I am not done yet. It still is not long enough for the back and shoulders. The three feet is from finger tip to finger tip. Do you mean you think I should continue but change to the every other row idea?
  12. Hello Everyone, Just need a little help here. I am making a shawl. I found a picture of a shawl I really liked. A fellow crochetviller helped me to come up with something similar with the graph. The graph is great. I have made some changes to the design but there is a bit of a problem. Not with the design but with the rows. I have crocheted for 45 rows and I increase at the begining and end of each row. The shawl is about 3 feet wide but not near deep enough. It is only about 18 inches high from tip to neck. Do you think if I start over again, I should maybe increase one row, and crochet the next row even? Do this every other row? Than will it come out the width and highth I need for a shawl? Need advice from anyone who has made a triangler shawl.
  13. Just when I wanted to get started on that new shawl my daughter said she would help me paint my den. The den is paneled and I have been wanting to redo it for 14 years. So I had to jump at the offer. It has turned into a bigger job than we thought, but it is worth it. But I sure do miss my hand work. I just don't have the energy to do both. So when I am done with that den, I am going to tackle that shawl pattern.
  14. I suggest slippers because you can make them up so easily. My husband loves his crocheted slippers. I also knit them so there is always a varity. These are also great for using up those last bits of yarn hanging around. These can be made for kids and adults.
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