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  1. Craftylady, Lorraine. I'm Sherri. Occassionally I pop in and say hi. Most of the time I'm buried up to my eyeballs in projects.
  2. Hi House. I am home again. Thankfully, we had no snow on any of the road travel days. Now, I'm trying to get caught up on moving paperwork, and unpacking the rest of the boxes. Welcome to the new people, happy birthday to those who had them, and nice work crafters. Those of you in the latest round of winter weather, stay warm and drive safe if you have to get out in it. Have a great day!
  3. Hi House. I just finished cleaning the floor beneath the fridge. Can I just say gross? Yuck? Ewww? How does that get so icky? Most of the items are packed up. I've been taking direction from DH this time. I am praying for no snow as I just don't have the experience to drive in it. I may have lots by the end of the week. Keep crocheting. I like looking at the pictures. See ya soon.
  4. Life is busy with packing these days. But I have my happy thought for the next month or so. I have tickets to Lord of the Dance.
  5. Just for a few more days. Then it looks like I'll be driving in snow. Joy.
  6. Okay. I think I remember seeing something in time's past. Do you fabshophop? You might find stores that carry the fabric that way.
  7. Question not about yarn washing. What was the quilt challenge you mentioned earlier? And what patterns were you looking for?
  8. The yarn was a gift from a friend, so the scarf is for me. I'll think of her everytime I wear it. It's cold here too. Congrats on your new nephew.
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