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  1. LOL @ jokes. Crochet is so hot it's "on fire." This happened on Valentine's Day. DH had lit tea candles all over the living room and was cooking dinner. The top is really coming together. The front & back are done and I'm working on a sleeve.
  2. My crocheting CAUGHT FIRE!!! I kid you not. Everything's ok, only loss was the fabric. It was two weeks ago, so I can laugh about it now . Pics on the blog. http://paperflowerscrochet.blogspot.com/2008/03/whoops.html
  3. You could bring a pre-stamped envelope just in case. Addey - What's with all the brain cell comments?
  4. Thanks. I didn't want it getting messed up being in there with the bath towels. It can go in the guest room closet.
  5. MIL gave us a filet tablecloth that DH's great-grandmother crocheted. I put it in the linen closet even though it'll likely never be used. What can I do to preserve it? Should I get one of those giant ziploc bags? (I've also got a small afghan my great-grandmother knitted.)
  6. I signed up to shave my head for St. Baldricks on 3/1. I'm looking for patterns for head coverings that have fabric hanging down in the back, like a bandana or turban. Knit or sew is an option.
  7. A colleague was showing me a knitted fancy/fun fur scarf (the one with the chunks) and mentioned she had a loose string that got a bit longer when she tugged on it. It was unraveling! I'm really glad we caught it before matters got worse. The knitter had left a tail that was about an inch long. (I used to do that.) I re-knitted the last two bindoff stitches with crochet hooks and tied a giant knot. Hopefully it'll hold. That was such a treat .
  8. I'm taking notes here . There are some great ideas here. I'm open as far as color. I just happened to already have some pounders lying around. Our weather can sometimes be unseasonably chilly in the summer, particularly at night. Some cold weather gear would likely come in handy. Thanks for all your help ladies. I'm actually thinking I might make extra and put it in storage. If it's not my turn in a couple of years, it'll be my brother's.
  9. I need to make some stuff for a baby shower in two weeks. I've never done baby items before and don't know much about babies in general. The parents-to-be are very "get er done" and I wanted to focus on making simple, functional everyday things that they could get a lot of use out of. We don't know the sex, so I wanted to stay away from froufy stuff in case the baby turns out to be a he. I was thinking pastel blue. So, what do babies wear? She's due in April - maybe spring/summer stuff in 3-6mos size? Cotton, synthetic - does it matter? How about booties - are those just for show?
  10. Thanks for info. I might do the measuring just to be safe.
  11. Ok, I give up. What is "fine sport weight"? Is that some sub-class between fingering and sport? I picked up five balls on clearance at WM.
  12. This pattern drove me bananas when I worked it. I started over three times, trying to figure out how to end up with 48 stitches on row 11. From what I can figure out, the corrector DC's in the first and last stitch of every row, increasing 1. It creates a slant. I wound up doing it the original writer's way to match the picture. I also couldn't figure out how she makes 3 buttonholes on the buttonhole row. I always got 4.
  13. I think I just found my mistake. It says to do 3 segments over 3 st, but when you start the basic cluster, you start in the same st as the last one. I was starting in the next one and thought something was wonky with the math. I'll try this. Sorry I didn't explain that well the first time. I posted using my iphone.
  14. I consider myself a crocheter, but I'm really both. I learned to knit from my paternal grandmother in the 5th grade. I really struggled through that first scarf and when it was finally finished, it was too short. My mother told me crochet would be easier and I picked it right up. I made the occasional blanky and a few funny scarves. About a year ago, I picked the hook back up and got really into it. Three months ago I re-taught myself to knit. Now I just need my hands to catch up with my brain .
  15. paperflowers

    Cluster st

    I'm working the summer lace cap and can't figure out cluster row. Do clusters have 3 segments or 4? I tried both ways. Supposed to be 1 at left over at end of end. Any ideas? http://associatedcontent.com/article/224785/crochet_a_summer_lace_cap_socks_for.HTML
  16. We found Dad's fortune. It was on his person the whole time. We also found our laser pointer under the couch. Good fortune for the kitty .
  17. My in-laws have a custom where you open these little metal fortunes (like a fortune cookie) on New Year's. Dad dropped his and we couldn't find it anywhere. When we tipped the couch to peek under it, a crochet hook fell out. It was the F hook I lost last January! Now that's a good omen . Happy New Year!
  18. Merry Christmas! Santa apparently thinks I have plenty of yarn, but he did get me an IPHONE!!! MIL gave me a Russian crochet book with bag patterns.
  19. Isn't that cute? I've never been a fan of chunky knits, but on her it's just precious.
  20. You mean there's a pattern under there? I wondered why their POD is always a nappy cake .
  21. I'm siding with the store owner. The sign was likely prompted by some sort of extremely unpleasant incident. It's their store and they have the right to do that. I think the sign is targeted more at parenting than the actual kids. I know a lady whose child hits her in the face and doesn't bat an eye. The kid is a pain obviously but his parents were supposed to teach him better.
  22. Thanks, ladies! She's a crocheter too, but I suppose she has no way of knowing whether I did it on purpose . She's a sweetie. She'll like it either way.
  23. I'm scrambling to finish the edging on a rectangular granny for MIL, who arrives in 8 hours and 15 minutes . I was in such a hurry that I didn't calculate the amount of stitches needed to match the edging pattern. When I reached the second corner, I realized my number of stitches was so far off that the entire edging is asymmetrical. If you fold it in half, the scallops don't line up - they're staggered. We decided it looks cute that way. This is what the edging is supposed to look like http://caron.com/projects/ss/simply_shawl.html
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