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  1. Very pretty what colors did you use Love the colors
  2. Crochet pattern something like this? http://www.collectionsetc.com/Product/crashing-santa.aspx/_/N-6hur0
  3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/cowladycc39/IMG_1749.jpg
  4. Oh that is really cute love it.
  5. Very pretty butterfly where did you find the patterns for them?
  6. Very nice would like to see a photo of you wearing it too looks like it turned out really nice.
  7. Really cute turned out nice.
  8. I love them sweaters i also type in the name and it just bought me back to this post can you help me find it on here thanks. Rhonda
  9. Check out my Sponge Bob water bottle holder: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/cowladycc39/IMG_1426.jpg
  10. Thanks for sharing so pretty and i love bookmarks.
  11. you might email them ask where you could get one. Here is there web site http://www.crochetmagazine.com/nextissue.php
  12. Sorry for your lost i will keep you and family in our prays. I just lost my brother last month on Febuary 11 He passed away from bacterial meningitis he was 35 we dont know how he got it. He got sick on a sunday and passed away on a wesday at the hospital.
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