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  1. Bond Girl


    Awww, they're great! I especially love the white one - so cute!
  2. Thanks everyone - again! Yes they are my first projects hehe, I feel all embarassed now. I did do some trialing with patterns to work out how to understand them and made up one dodgey head shape to see how it worked, but these are the first two I actually made properly. I just take me time and make sure I do each as perfectly as I can Also mid-way through the bunny's head my stitche marker fell out and I swear I nearly had a break down. But I worked out where I was up to and kept going... Thanks! They are just black safety eyes I buy from my local craft chain store. But I cut the backs off with wire-cutters and glue them on, because I don't like how they work with the proper backing piece. It's a pity you can't find them where you are!
  3. Awww, thanks everyone for your kind comments!
  4. Thank you! And thanks for the link to the Amigurumi Addiction thread, clare, although I'm sure I don't need to be any more addicted that I already am!
  5. That's too cute! I love cupcakes!
  6. Hi everyone, So I'm new here, and also reasonably new to crochet so I thought I'd post the first two amigurumi projects. The first was this little mouse: I used the pattern in the Japanese amigurumi book あみぐるみの仲間たち (ISBN:4277171877), for the body and the ears are from the free mouse pattern offered by Clover here. For my second project I attempted something a bit bigger, this pink bunny: The pattern is from はじめてでも編める!あみぐるみ (ISBN:4277490395) and he's about 17cm tall. Oh and I guess I should mention that I just used acrylic 8ply yarn. I'm not fussy about wool/yarn yet (nor can I really afford to be!) but this stuff was seriously cheap and came in a great range of colours so I find it great for making amigurumi, especially while I'm just learning Well, I hope you like them and I should be back with some more amigurumi projects soon, because I really love it!
  7. Outer suburbs of Melbourne! But I'm in my last year of uni at Melbourne Uni, so regularly travelling into the CBD
  8. The Japanese craft supply company Clover has some free crochet patterns: Free Japanese crochet pojects: Amigurumi Scarf, bags, coasters & hat Peaked cap, shawl, pouch, pincushion, scarf, top, corsages etc. More bags, hats & other things (there's alos lots of other great patterns on their site for knitting, sewing etc. and probably more crochet ones being added so have a look around! )
  9. Thanks Shell, I will go and have a look for that thread (there is still so much exploring to do! )
  10. Thanks for your quick reply! I'm not actually following a pattern (which may be part of the problem lol) but I'm just following the basic instructions to do rows of single crochets in one of my mum's needlecrafting books. I will have another look at it with her and try and see if I'm missing something, and then let you know. I was having problems with the rows getting shorter, but I worked out that was because I wasn't doing enough chains on the end, you know, to go up to the next row (sorry I really don't know the terminology here!!) So, I must just be looking over something else...
  11. Hi Shani and welcome from a fellow brand-new Aussie member (I just joined up yesterday ) Where abouts in Australia are you? I'm in Melbourne
  12. Hi everyone, First of all I'd just like to say sorry if this has been asked before - I've tried to search to find other threads but because I'm not sure of the proper corchet terms I should be using I haven't been very successful and haven't been able to find anything very specific here or elsewhere. If this is already answered somewhere else, please just point me in that direction! So my problem is that I'm trying to crochet a little scarf for one of my amigurumi creations, but this is my first attempt at non-amigurumi crochet, and it seems that holes are appearing at the ends of the rows: I thought I was following the instructions in the book I'm using correctly, and I've got my mum to help me but although she does some crochet isn't sure what's going on here. I am just trying to do rows of single crochet stitches (I think!) so does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Or is this meant to happen and it's just noticeable because it's such a small project? Sorry for the long post but thanks so much if you can help me out!
  13. Wow thanks for all your welcome messages! And it seems people are here from all over the place so I think I should add that I'm from Melbourne, Australia
  14. Thanks for your super-quick reply! I'm just trying to search and find if my question has been posted before... I'm sure it must have been but I don't know the terms etc. so I don't know how to find it... Will keep looking!
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