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  1. Looking for a patter for nine point star blanket
  2. If I had a picture, I could figure it out myself😹
  3. Sorry, I just can't remember. It is niether of those two either. If I was more computer savvy I could draw it. If my brain had fewer holes, I might remember. Thanks for trying
  4. Not either of those. Can rememember a turn.... Triangle makes sense.
  5. Saw in older crochet magazine. Used two colors. Started with ten chains, cut yarn, return to beginning, sc in first ten increase ten. Can't remember more. Any help?
  6. Lostin NJ, The dreaded hankie shirt was sewn from cowboy bandanas, and was a required project to get a passing grade in my home ec. class. This was late 70's. I barely passed. Your color scheme sounds wonderful, and I might want your pattern too. Twins! Cyndi
  7. OK ladies, thanks for the help. I need a written pattern for a square, the library limits me to 1 hour to find things, and I'm too shy to sit here w/ yarn and hook following a video. Call me crazy. Or stupid. Time to get off the computer. Thanks again.
  8. Due to time limits on public computer haven't found a written square pattern for the african flower square. Any help would be appreciated. MTOread
  9. Due to time constraints on the public computers, I can't find the african flower crochet square pattern. Please help.
  10. It looks a lot like the hankerchief tops we had to make in home ec in high school. I've been playing around with the idea in my head of one in crochet... Could you adapt the hankie pattern using your favorite granny square?
  11. looking for the pattern to star pillows. they are round and have a jacob's ladder effect. after a closer exam of my two samples the jacobs ladder effect is produced by looping from the out side in. none of the current posts have the pattern. im thinking this is an old old pattern. any more suggestions? thanks.
  12. am looking for a star pillow pattern. it's round and has a jacob's ladder going from the edge to the center or the other way. i only have one beautiful example and don't want to destroy it to maybe not be able to duplicate it. thanks
  13. Darski, The link was for a free sight that has graph papers, coloring pages, lesson plans, stationary, cards and so on, free for the having. The book has to come from a library, book store or your favorite website. Cyndi
  14. Darski, The link is for graph paper, stationary, cards etc. that you can print for free. No copywrites I guess. Try the library or Amazon, or bookstore or...
  15. there is a book called 201 crochet motifs... by melody griffiths ISBN 9781904991656. it is no longer being oublished but it can still be had at amazon or requested from your local library. it has the alphabet, a celtic knot in a square, heart based on a chain, paisley block, flowers leaves and more. i am specially excited about the 2, 3, and 4 color spirals. i think they would make wild hats from baby to adult: and equally wild afghans. if only i can figure the increase system out... here is the 2 color spiral pattern. want more? buy or borrow your own copy;) i was going to put in the 2 color spiral instructions but can not read my writing. also a good place on the web.... www.freeprintables.com it has all kinds of forms but i was interested in the graph papers. i found a diamond pattern but could not locate a plain hexagon. Cyndi
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