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    Michelle Kovaleski
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    Stay-at-home mom and crocheter
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    Pittston, PA
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    My daughter, crochet, motorcycling, travel, reading
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    Baby, scarves, unusual items
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    since 2005
  1. I am also a self-taught crocheter! There's a plethora of information here to help you and a lot of great books out there so keep at it! I've been doing it for two years and I am in my first juried craft fest in October. I can't wait to show off my wares!
  2. Welcome! I am a fourth generation crocheter - I just wish I would have taken the time to learn from my grandma! I am self-taught, and wonder why I waited so long!
  3. Wow! how do you find the time? A warm welcome and hello from NE Pennsylvania!
  4. Welcome! It is great to meet new crocheters from around the world!
  5. Not only is the hat cute, but your daughter is beeeeeeuuuuuutiful!
  6. Hes soooooo cute! Would love the pattern - my daughter would LOVE him! She's 2 and loves puppies - when she was born, we had a bulldog and she was absolutely crazy about our new baby - our bully passed on when our daughter was 15 months old (our bully was 11 years old), and since then she loves dogs - big or small. We're going to let her pick out her own bully pup when she gets a little bigger - maybe about 4 years old. I know Samson would be a great "pet" for her - best of all there's no poop to clean up!
  7. MMMMMMM Yummy. I'll have to make bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow!
  8. I can see why you don't want to give it up! That's a work to be proud of - its beeeeauuuuutiful!
  9. They are adorable! Love the colors!
  10. That is so sweet! Perfect for a little girl!
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