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  1. I bought a skein of multi textured yarn at JoAnns and now can't figure out what to Crochet! Can you point me to some Patterns?
  2. I've scoured the internet for this ... there are photos but no patterns! It's a beanie with a band of one of four colors. The front of the band has eye holes and the back of the band separates into two ties. I am useless at inventing patterns but will pay for one ... I just need it in time to work this up for Halloween!!!!! m3site@charter.net
  3. three sections of cotton yarn made during one TV show ... slip stitched togather .... voila a washable and very durable mop
  4. when the teenage girl across the street saw this she asked me to make one for her, too ... a week later I attended a conference and she was in the audience wearing it!
  5. I've enjoyed making doilies from my grandmother's old 10 cent crochet magazines! This one is about 18 x 15 inches
  6. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z154/m3site/100_0971_zpse0786d6d.jpg
  7. I made this layette for my neighbor's new baby who arrived last week ... when they brought him to church on Sunday he was wearing the sweater! (Bonnets and newborns don't always work well together LOL and the booties were left at home since he was dressed in a footed onesie.
  8. nice! and this is a lovely color
  9. I was quite proud of myself ... I settled for an easy yet nice looking pattern and jazzed it up by switching out the same two colors. AND I only used stash yarn and found the buttons in my sewing box. I found a pretty designer box to put them in, crocheted a long chain to tie it all up and I know the mom-to-be was very happy to receive something hand made. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z154/m3site/100_0315.jpg
  10. this was for my new grandson Aaron ... the cables were from posting, a bit clunky I thought but nevertheless a nice overall look. I made it using generic light weight yarn ... the 1 lb skein kind from Jo Anns ... and it took only a week of evenings
  11. http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?code=EC00858&source=CEPOTDE this is the pattern I REALLY like and will buy in a heartbeat once I learn if there's an opening! (yes I have emailed e pattern central) I would also very much appreciate any comments from those who may have made this
  12. Most free romper patterns have too large leg openings ... I found a great one on E-pattern central to buy but the description doesn't tell if there is a snap-opening on the back neck, shoulder, or crotch ... if at all ... (pattern EC00858) ... has anyone purchased this pattern originally from Easy Living Crochet and can answer this question? If it has a crotch snap opening I want to buy the pattern and start making these up for my church's layette charity. or can you recommend a similar pattern from another source? thanks one and all!
  13. I'm not in Canada but I live close enough that I get CBC and watch it a lot! I especially rely on it for Coronation Street. Anyone interested in talking about Corrie? I'm having to tape the Sunday morning show now that the hockey finals are taking the usual weekday time. anyway, I'd LOVE to chat about Corrie
  14. I like this pattern ... to make a bunch for our church's material aid giving ... can you experiment with using thread and come up with a pattern for this made out of size 3? I'm thinking that in the very hot climates the thread would be a better choice ... am eager to know if you can translate this pattern into the thread!
  15. I'm a 3rd-generation dish gloves user for this and other reasons ... one of them is because I believe the Murphy's Law that if I remove my rings to wash the dishes those same rings will somehow or other get knocked down the drain and regardless of the trap will go forever lost .... another is because dishwater is horrid on the hands. Hint ... puff some baby powder (or cornstarch) into the gloves to make it smooth as silk to get on and off
  16. I notice that I tend to have as many WIPs around the house as I do books in the process of being read .... but at least I haven't fallen so far into WIP-Madness that I have one in the bathroom like I do some of the books I'm still reading!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I just saw this thread and am printing out the instructions as I type this reply! Am thinking that during the game (go Pats!) I can do these. Sure beats doing the Sunday Crossword!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing
  18. hi from a fellow Upper Valley-er ... I'm in Bradford, VT
  19. I just watched this VERY good crochet video ... about 5 minutes long ...and even though it's not English she's speaking you understand by simply watching her doing it ... hope this link works OK
  20. if you sit by a window where direct sunlight can shine on the yarn it will help a lot ... it takes a little while to get the feel of what that hole looks like compared to what's around it ... if you can, start out with making the chains with the next larger size hook and then once you've made the chain change back to the smaller size hook. The holes you want to find will be a titch bigger and a little easier to spot
  21. let me know if you'd like to sell any of them 'cause I so much prefer the illustrated patterns over the written ones
  22. I have a duplicate issue of Workbasket magazine from August, 1990. The crochet patterns in it are: toy dinosaur, panda slippers, and elephant afghan. The knit: parrot cardigan, polar bear sweater, lion pullover. Tat: butterflies. Craft: tiger PJ bag. Food: (thankfully not game recipes!!! will mail :mailto anyone who has a duplicate they'd like to swap of Workbasket Magazine Magic Crochet any crochet mag ... just tell me the issue and I'll see if I don't already have it will also be making an inventory of all my mags and might be willing to make a larger swap. anyone interested in doing the same?
  23. I have no idea EXCEPT to frog it a stitch at a time ... a scary chance to take but it might help you locate those "mystery" stitches meanwhile ... I can't begin to count the number of times I've outwitted myself like this in cooking, putting things away in a "safe place", and knitting something intricate
  24. I also inherited my Nana's tatted-lace edged hankies and I have them in a satin quilted box in my lingerie drawer ... every morning when I get dressed I see the box and know it's there and somehow my whole world brightens. I loved my Nana so much and these hankies are now 100 years old and I like to use them for special occasions.
  25. I use doilies as small hostess gifts ... I put a fragrant soap in it and tie it with a bow ... everyone always seems so thankful. Since I make all my doilies with thread they can easily be used as a washcloth or dishcloth without any damage.
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