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    I am always busy working on something which involve crocheting, knitting, making jewerly, loom knitting, rigid heddle weaving and inkle loom weaving.
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    New Jersey
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    crocheting, knitting, making jewerly, reading, weaving and loom knitting
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    pot holders, dish cloths, shawls, scarfs
  1. Just started my shawl , I'm still on the first row taking tiny steps in crocheting each stitch of the first row. So far I'm doing good. I'm using RH Soft yarn since I had two skeins in my stash.
  2. Thank you for this explaination of the shell stitch for I totally didnt see that after I did the ch 6 picot" that there was another cl. Thanks for this I wrote it into my pattern now tomorrow I will begin anew. Thanks again
  3. Just checked the poll and three patterns are running neck in neck. This is kind of exciting, for any pattern can be the winner. I voted for the Graceful Shell Shawl and just checked out the pattern for the Persephone Shawl and it seems like a really lovely shawl also, and it will be a challenge for me in a different weight yarn which I also like. May 4th don't seem to be getting here fast enough for I'm anxious to see which pattern is the final winner. Now I'm cheering on The Graceful Shell and Persephone shawls. Lets go shawls RAH, RAH, RAH
  4. I love the Graceful Shell Shawl for it fits the bill for me for everything I want in a summer shawl, so I'm very hopeful that it will win. I haven't voted yet but will in a few days. I looked at the Oasis Shawl and the foundation row look hard for me to do. I remember trying to crochet this shawl and fogging it, if it win I know I might require help doing the foundation row. So I'm for cheering the Graceful Shells Shawl.
  5. Hi there, I have not taken part in a CAL in a very long time, but I like the idea of a shawl challenge, can't wait to see which pattern is chosen, so I will be watching this thread also.
  6. Thank you for thinking about me Joanne, my complex is surrounded by flood waters that where up to the STOP sign symbol, even the barriers that the police put up to prevent drowning floated down the street. My guessiment is that the flood waters were between 4 to 5 feet high. Many large and small trees and branches are down and we lost power around 9 something last night. I'm glad it is back on now. Overall it was a very tiring stressful day for me and my family and I'm glad it's over. Leaving town this week-end to go to South Carolina, so I will drop back in for a sec when I return. Hugs to everyone. :hug
  7. HIYA HOUSE, sorry to be missing in action for awhile but I have been having an issue with my rehumatoid arthritis and also extreme tiredness probably stemming from taking care of the lil grand darlings. Whenever I can I have been immersing myself into crocheting and at the moment I'm involve with two CALs one is a CAL by Lion Brand Blog where I'm crocheting my first wearable. This project is kind of hard but I'm working through the issues. I'm also working on making a gaint granny afghan which is another CAL . I'm able to work on this afghan while the lil darlings are here. Both grand darlings are fine and growing in leaps and bounds. The baby who is now 14 months old is a roughie and want to do and get into everything his brother is into. Well I know I can't psossiblly get caught up at the moment in the posts here, but I hope everyone is fine and sending a hug to everyone. I will try to stop in again to say HI. :hug
  8. :firecrack:2magic Happy and Safe Fourth of July House Family Cindy - saying prayers and sending healing intentions for your Mom.
  9. HIYA House, sorry I haven't been by lately for I had a sick one year old grandbaby on my hands for the baby had another ear infection. Today he's doing a little better. As for myself there's nothing new on the home front and nothing planned for this long holiday week-end. I did manage to clean out the linen closet for I need to buy some new towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Hope every one has a fun fourth of July for me and my DH we will be home as usual for it's kind of difficult to travel with someone in a motorized wheelchair, but I'm use to that now. Hugs :hug
  10. :cheer Hi house, boy did I have a busy, busy week-end. I had the grand darlings until 2 PM today and then my DSL picked them up, so now I'm washing clothes and will have some crocheting time this afternoon, which I'm so happy for. A nice long week-end is coming our way, but I don't have any plans so I usually stay home with my DH and do some crafts and relax. I'm thinking about buying a small grill so I can make some franks, burgers and steaks for the 4th of July. Well got to run now and go and put the clothes in the dryer, I'll try to get back here later if not HUGS to everyone. :hug
  11. Hi there house, yesterday I had to go to the dermatologist for I develope a rash, so combine with the co-pay and the cost of meds I ended up spending money that I didn't plan to spend, boy do I hate when that happen and I have to tap into my savings. The grand darlings are doing fine today, the baby is napping and the 3 year old is outside with papa shooting his new water gun at the tress, this gives me time to come in here and see what's shaking and also time to throw together a macaroni salad to go with this evening london broil. Judy - Oh sorry to hear about the shingles, I had them a few years ago, matter of fact a few weeks before I was suppose to go on a cruise. The doctor work real fast to get me heal in time to go on my cruise, but I do remember how nervous shingles made me feel. Sending healing prayers and HUGS for a speedy recovery. Wrennie - I love your garden Flowers always make a place look so nice. Val - welcome back, sorry you had to go through job harrassment, I pray that you win your fight. Joanne - I just painted my toes a bright blue, what color are you now wearing?????? Well House got to run and make my macaroni salad have a wonderful day. To anyone I miss sending HUGS :hug:hug
  12. Hi there, just zipping by to say HI :cheer:cheer zzzzzipingggggg away now HUGS :hug
  13. Hi House just crawling in from this morning meet-up after which I had laundry to do and grocery shopping to accompish. Oh and I also went to JC Penny to pick up a father's day gift for DH with that said I'm exhausted, but at least tomorrow all I have to do is go to church then the rest of the day is mines, all mines. Yipeeeeee :cheer:cheer Meet-up was so much fun it is so nice seeing everything each of us made in the last month since we last met. I always come with unfinish WIP, but this month I was determine to have something to show and I'm proud to say that I knitted three dishcloths, made one stash buster tote and also last night I stayed up until 1:00 AM in order to complete a crochet hook case, so all in all I was very please with myself. When I have a moment I will take pictures and post all that I have made. :lol:lol As you can see I'm happy with myself for I stuck to the hook until what I was making was completed. Mary - I'm praying that your water bill will not be too high. Wrennie - love the flowers Well got to run now Hugs :hug:hug
  14. Hiya everyone, it's just me and my lil 1 year old darling today. At the moment he's naping, so I just wanted to stop in and say HI . Got to run now for I want to get some WIP finish off before he wake up. HUGS :hug:hug
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