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    crochet, origami, reading, piano
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    ripple afghans, prayer shawls, amigurumi, hats...just about anything
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    learned in 1993, have been crocheting up a storm since March 2007
  1. Thank you mumbles17 for the square! My daughter asked what color is it. It is a beautiful dark purple
  2. I have received 3 squares that I need to say thanks for. I have them safely tucked away so I don' t have the envelopes handy. My husband and I have been busy getting recertified to provide foster/adopt care. My hooks have been silent, but I hope to get back in to crocheting and the 'Ville soon. Thanks for the squares and I'll try to get them out soon for a proper thank you.
  3. Another must have pattern! Great color choice
  4. Great work! You just keep churning out those patterns... and we'll keep crocheting mountains of totes
  5. :welcome From another Mountaineer!!!
  6. Sue took the words right out of my mouth! Beautiful:cheer
  7. Soooo pretty! I love the zig-zaggy pattern the camo yarn made
  8. Love the colorway choice! Reminds me of the last burst of color at sunset.
  9. I was just thinking today that I NEED to make a cozy for my tea mug. Perfect!
  10. Just picked up the January issue at Barnes and Nobles. I have never seen such a variety of magazines in one place. Can't wait to sit down and read it!
  11. Love this colorway! I like using a multi-color, then pull solid colors from it when I make afghans. But, I am sure whatever you do they will appreciate
  12. Soldier's Angels does not send crochet or knit blankets to the troops. Only quilts and the doubled fleece with knots. It is a safety issue I believe with the "holes" in knit and crochet. But go look to make sure
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