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    I'm married with a 17 yr. old son. My husband and I will be married 24 years this october.
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    Crochet, reading, cooking, boyd's bears
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    assitant cook @elementary school
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  1. Another beauty , Bev. Can't wait for the pattern.
  2. I missed this one , hope I am not to late to enter. wendyb532
  3. It is absolutely beautiful. You did a great job. wendyb532
  4. I've got the scraps, so I hope I win the book!
  5. I bought this pattern yesterday and it is next on my to do list!
  6. I am about 3/4's done with the Summer Splendor doilyghan . I am using a K hook with worsted weight yarn in white, pink, blue , yellow and green. I like the way it's coming out and will put it aside with some baby sweaters I have made already for future babies. I work at an elementary school and between staff, and teachers and my own family and friends there is always someone expecting. This way I am prepared for any future baby gifts. wendyb532
  7. I will be 58 in another month. I taught myself to crochet when I was your age. wendyb532
  8. Very nice, thanks for offering the pattern. I have some nice yarn so I know what I will be making today! wendyb532
  9. I have 3 I subscribe to: Crochet Today, Crochet and Crochet World. If I had to choose a favorite of those three it would be Crochet Today. Yarns used are available almost anywhere and reasonably priced and it offers a variety of patterns for women, men, babies and home. crochetcook
  10. Beautiful work as usual. Can't wait for that pattern. I also loved your version of the Santa hat/mask. wendyb532
  11. Needlecraft Shop #842214, Spectacular Polish Stars by Dot Drake, copyright 2000. Needlecraft Shop is now owned by DRG Network (http://www.drgnetwork.com/); if you wish to obtain a copy, you must email them to see if it is still available. 6/12/08: EDITED TO ADD I find it on Ebay.com regularly, just search on Polish Star, crochet or Spectacular Polish Stars. I found this on google search. Maybe drg can help you. wendyb532
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