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    I found the ville when I retired,and have not put my hook down since !!!!
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    Smithtown, New York
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    newly retired
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    hats to be used for chemo caps
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  1. wonderful , beautiful !!!! I have heard from friends that Mary Maxim put out a corrected copy and all you have to do is call them for it.
  2. Beautiful, stunning, but i think you should move it to babies/toddlers so more people can have a peerk.....
  3. I havent seen it free....but you could probably take a pattern for the shamrock hat and use that... I have seen it on ETSy ...as I said....not free....
  4. Thanks for sharing a great idea !!!! By the way, I also found that if you turn a glass over , you can put a baby/toddler hat on it and see what it looks like, especially if you want to sew some embellishments on it ...........
  5. Where in the world do you have time to make such beautiful things????? I am so happy that you share them !!!! Many,many thanks
  6. just got the new annies attic catalogue and this pattern book is on page 36 ...a year of baby afghans book 4
  7. the book is a new leisure arts book(book 4) . I actually had seen the pattern as a Mary Maxim kit,but, after the kit and s&h ...yikes !!!! I ended up finding it on ebay..now i see it on qvc also !
  8. this is the kind of pattern that you have to pay close attention to(I use a postit note on rows). I also had an additional postit where I wrote down the row # that I was on,in case I put down the blanket for a minute.I am pleased how it came out,but, it is not the type of blanket that you can "take along with you".It has about 62 rows.
  9. hope you can see the animals going around the blanket. They look like animal crackers !!! I fell in love with this the first time I saw the picture !!! Its a new leisure arts book 4.I used tlc in a pale blue for a baby shower (they know its a boy)
  10. Have you looked at this by Shelle ???? What a great idea , a cross between a cape and a shawl and it's hooded....of course I had to have the pattern (lol) http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=75321&highlight=shawler
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