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    I found the ville when I retired,and have not put my hook down since !!!!
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    Smithtown, New York
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    newly retired
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    hats to be used for chemo caps
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  1. Wanted to share this link.....love her patterns and the fact that all her monie go to a no-kill shelter.Here is the link to her blog for pattern sale and info about the shelter http://knottyhookerdesigns.blogspot.com/2013/11/christmas-lovey-package-deal.html
  2. cissy

    Minion lovey

    love it !!!! love this designer too.............she has the most wonderful things !!
  3. cissy

    Lovies !

    lol.....i hate that I look at patterns...because I find more for my "mental list"......this smae designer now has 2 cute mice lovies...of course I bought the patterns...lol...............
  4. cissy

    Lovies !

    I have fallen in love...with lovies for toddlers...this is what I have been working on............. here is were you can find them
  5. cissy

    Little Prince

    I made the Little Prince coming home set for a friends new grandson.........here he is (big boy) at age 2 weeks with the crown.... ......just wish I had taken a photo of the whole set ...........you can get the pattern here
  6. cissy

    Cute As Can Be Baby Minnie

    love the bow you put on !!!! What a cute set !
  7. cissy

    Green Rose Baby Blanket

    stunning !! I love patterns by that designer !!! Your work is a true heirloom !
  8. cissy

    a few hat and booty sets

    love these!!! what wonderful sets ♥
  9. cissy

    Baby set for cousin

    beautiful ! What a fantastic present !
  10. cissy

    Ugh, help! Hubby wants a cap (hat) cover?

    There is this cap cover by SnappyTots http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/angelas-hat-band
  11. cissy

    Some hat and booty sets

    very nice !!
  12. cissy


    love it !
  13. cissy

    A few of my hats

    Nice work...love the color choices...I always find that part one of the hardest !
  14. cissy

    Spiderman Hat

    sure to be appreciated.. nice work
  15. cissy

    Wearing girls and Ties2

    heirloom work....each one is unique and beautiful....you have a wonderful talent !