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  1. I have found a crochet version of baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann but am wondering if anyone knows of an adult crochet version of this jacket?
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    Thank You for the urls will check them out right now!
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    I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, so hope its ok here. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good online store to buy buttons, need some cute childrens buttons but just have not seen anything very cute at the places I have looked.
  4. Thanks I am going to get my supplies together thanks so much for posting this pattern I just love it!
  5. I have fell in LOVE with this pattern I think it is soooooooooooo cute! Plus I have been looking for something to make for a baby shower coming up. What I am wondering is if I go up a hook size will that make it just a touch bigger like say 19 inches or 20 inches? Also do you think it would be best to do this with baby yarn?
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