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    I am deaf since my birth
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    Chico, California
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    I love to crochet
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    since 14 years old
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    I love to crochet holidays
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  1. Perfumelady

    I need help

    I'm looking for the crochet pattern of I love you sign language potholder like this picture bleow
  2. Perfumelady

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome here from North California.
  3. Perfumelady

    Granny Square Using Scraps

    Oh I like that. Very Good!!
  4. Perfumelady

    A few little things

    I love it all.
  5. Perfumelady

    Santa Hat with Beard

    Wowwie!! wonderful, wonderful job.
  6. Perfumelady

    Octopus Ornament *Update and photo post #8*

    Thank you so much for your reply. I already made a few of octopus last night. It is very easy to make them.I love it. they are so cutttee! I will try my best to make the caps. Merry Christmas to you!! You are so sweet, Thank you!!
  7. Perfumelady

    A Little Christmas Scarf

    Wow, it is beautiful and AWESOME!!! Great Job!!
  8. Perfumelady

    Octopus Ornament *Update and photo post #8*

    Oh I love it. I am going to make them, how you make the cap on the ocoptus? Thank you
  9. Perfumelady

    4 Free Christmas Patterns!!

    Oh I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing this patterns. I am going to make this very soon. It is very sweet of you to share this. Merry Christmas to you!
  10. Perfumelady

    candy cane ponies ***now has pattern ***

    Oh I love the candy cane pony!! Thank you so much for sharing this picture and patterns. Merry Christmas to you!
  11. Perfumelady

    My Halloween/Fall throw and pillow

    Wow, very pretty! beautiful job!!
  12. Perfumelady

    nativity set

    Awesome!! I love it!! GREAT job!
  13. Perfumelady

    Fall Leaves Afghan

    Here is the patterns. Moms Love Of Crochet .com You click Afghan.
  14. Perfumelady

    Fall Leaves Afghan

    I want to share this with you. I crochet this Fall Leaves Afghan.
  15. Perfumelady

    Pressed Flowers Afghan

    That is beautiful! Great job! I love the color