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  1. That's just beautiful, I think I am going to have to try one of these.
  2. That is just stunning, congratulations on a beautiful job. I bet the baby looked just adorable in it.
  3. I used to have the same problem as I never knew where to start and finish. If doing single crochet you start in the first single crochet but if doing dc or tc you miss the first one and begin in the second. Also at the end of the row with sc you go into the last crochet but if doing dc or tc you go into the top chain. Sometimes I used to do both or neither and always ended up with edges that went in and out and varying number of stitches on each row. I think it is what put me off crocheting for years. There are a lot of good tutorials on the web that helped me. Even now if I am
  4. Wow She looks fantastic, almost makes me shiver brrrr!
  5. That is beautiful and dare I say so much prettier in your colours than in the book.
  6. WoW that is stunning! Love the colours and the pattern!
  7. That is the prettiest 'ugly blanket' I have ever seen LOVE IT!
  8. That's just stunning, love the colours!
  9. Here are the two I made, I didn't add stiffener or a hanger as I will send them overseas for a couple of little girls to play with. Still deciding if I will add a drawstring and make them into a cradle purse. all clickable Thanks for letting me test Robin, they are just adorable and were quick and easy once I worked out how to do the 'solomon's knot' (thanks to instructions on the web)
  10. I had the pleasure of testing Momcrochets's Teeny-tiny cradle ornament. They are so quick and easy (once I mastered the Solomon's knot) that I ended up doing 2. I didn't do the stiffening or add the hanger as I am planning on sending them overseas for a couple of little girls to play with. [/url] all clickable Aren't they just adorable thanks Robin!
  11. ...and guess who is getting a new baby for christmas (grandaughter) Have pm'd you.
  12. I have the little ones but unfortunately can't stand wool against my skin....not good seen as I came from a wool farm although the raw wool never bothered me.
  13. Looks great, well worth the effort, soft and warm.
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