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    crocheting, sewing, reading and exercising
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    housewife, mother of 2 and mamaw of 8
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    baby afghans, doilies, afghans, dolls, christmas ornaments
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    Since 1979
  1. Has anyone made this skirt? I am stuck on row 2 on the lower yoke. I would appreciate all the help I can get.
  2. Hi and welcome from another one from Louisiana! I know you will enjoy your stay here. Everyone is so helpful. )
  3. Do you have a sample of one of your graph patterns so I can see if that is what I would like to purchase?
  4. I would love to create my own graph from a picture for my personal use. But I do not know where to start looking to buy something like that. That would help me w/ the making of that sort of thing.
  5. Hi Faith and welcome from another one from Louisiana!
  6. I charge $6.00 per letter unless it's a long name (more than 8) then I drop it to $5.25.
  7. Very pretty is beyond words..they are beautiful! TFS!!!
  8. I agree w/ Deb on the needle and good scissors! ...Oh and I would definately get a tote to carry my crafts in! But other than that and some patterns..I'd say you are set!
  9. Wowww! They are so pretty! I love the white dress and that sweater! You are very talented! TFS!!!
  10. Love them all! I am wanting to try my hand in this also.
  11. Beautiful! I love the pineapple stitch!
  12. Wow..I absolutely love it! Great job!
  13. Looks great! Love the pattern you decided on!
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