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    Play 8 different Instruments, Sing, Crochet, sew, Scrapbook
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  1. AnjyB

    Dora is My Darling

    I have always enjoyed your Dora patterns/creations.
  2. AnjyB

    Crochet pumpkin

    Very Cute. Thanks for sharing.
  3. AnjyB

    Skylights Doily, My newest design

    Gorgeous! Love it
  4. AnjyB

    Air Freshener cover

    I don't know if you like to or have worked with thread, but I made this one and it was one of my FIRST thread projects and i didn't have a lot of troubles with it. Now the tank and lid cover gave me fits but I DID finally conquer them LOL. http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?cat_id=313 at the bottom of page one you will see the lid cover of pineapples on the preview, but there IS a renuzit doll. I had SO much fan making mine too. I've never used Yarn for this, just thread. I LOVE my doll and the one I made for a girlfriend is also well loved. if you DO make it and need help, let me know.
  5. AnjyB

    Basic Towel Ring Pattern

    You are an angel! I have been LOOKING for this pattern for 2 yrs! LOL Seriously, its just what I wanted. Now If I could just get you to design one I can hang my hot pads on I'd be ever so thankful! I seem to always NOT be able to find them when I need them! LOL You're so talented. Thank You SO much! :
  6. AnjyB

    Angel Bookmark

    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments everyone. She has a birthday coming up soon, so I think I'll give it to her then.
  7. AnjyB


    I can't share the pattern. But....What I did, was find a "bookmark" that I thought would work well and I made it longer and put tassles on both ends. I also changed the outter edging a bit as the one they had didn't look quite right for a belt. The thread was just some multi colored stuff I bought to practice stitches and such with, she liked it, it was girly, so I used it! LOL. That's it....Use your imagination basically on this one!
  8. AnjyB


    My daughter is kind of in between sizes. She needs a 4T for the length for a 3T for her waist...So I went to the store to buy her a belt...well Sorry, but with money so tight and gas so high...I wasn't paying $10-$20 for a belt for a 3 Yr old! So I made one.
  9. AnjyB

    Angel Bookmark

    My neice asked me to make her a bookmark and so this is what I came up with. The pattern is from Creative Bookmarks, 14 designs by Jo Ann Maxwell. It called for a lot more beads and sequins, but you were supposed to glue all those seperate pieces together. I just did a few pearls and I sewed everything together, I just don't TRUST glueing anything, specially when children are involved. This was a lot of fun and I'm glad I sewed it instead of glueing everything. Enjoy.
  10. AnjyB

    Destashing weekend project- rug

    very pretty.
  11. AnjyB

    The Brazilian....

    VERY Pretty, LOVE the colors!
  12. AnjyB

    White Summer Lilacs Finished

    Tension...OH YES...I just started this afghan yesterday and I find that my front and back zigzag stitches are a tad loose here and there, Its definetly going to take some getting used to that's for sure. again thanks for sharing and I'll be sure to post when and IF I ever finish it! LOL Your's looks boutique perfect.
  13. AnjyB

    Snowman from recycled bags

    Very Cute indeed!
  14. AnjyB

    rr with popcornstitches

    Very Pretty
  15. AnjyB

    My First Afghan

    VERY Pretty!