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  1. repeat 4 times would look like this with the stitch counts row 2 - 40 row 3 - 42 row 2 - 44 row 3 - 46 Repeat 14 times would look like this: 28 rows of every other.... row 2 - 46 row 3 - 48 row 2 - 48 row 3 - 50 row 2 - 50 row 3 - 52 row 2 - 52 row 3 - 54 row 2 - 54 row 3 - 56 row 2 - 56 row 3 - 58 row 2 - 58 row 3 - 60 row 2 - 60 row 3 - 62 row 2 - 62 row 3 - 64 row 2 - 64 row 3 - 66 row 2 - 66 row 3 - 68 row 2 - 68 row 3 - 70 row 2 - 70 row 3 - 72 row 2 - 72 row 3 - 74 It works out mathematically...so I'm sure it will work out...maybe you aren't doi
  2. The mm size is determined by the width of the shaft between the hook end and the middle where the thumb placement is. Sorry not describing well.
  3. I'm left handed, so this might not be the case for you ... but when i make slip stitches into a previous row, they tend to bend. They aren't straight like all other stitches. They do make 2 loops at the top, it's just not where they would normally be....Try looking on the outside of the row to find the two loops. Hope this helps.
  4. I try not to repeat patterns. I know that sounds kind of dumb....but I do a lot of my work for my prayer shawl ministry and I don't want two of the same walking around the church!
  5. The blanket is just simple dcs. The border I found in a tunisian baby blankets book by kim guzman. I hope you like it.
  6. It also depends on the gauge of the wire. The higher the number, the smaller the wire, and that makes it easier to do what you want it to do. However, if you have problems with yarn....I would suggest you try the invisible wire, which is just fishing line to make the item. That way you make what you want, but it won't hurt you!
  7. If you are stuffing it, that makes a difference than if you are using a pillow form. But, you can change the pattern of the blanket to make it smaller. It looks like 2 dc rows and then a fancy row. You can make two squares like this then sc them together. If you are stuffing it I wouldn't suggest doing that because the stuffing will come out the fancy holes. It's all up to you and your design. Good luck!
  8. Thanks RoseRed for your suggestion. I haven't gotten that far yet, I crochet as I design and count and all that so it takes longer. I also had to rip part of it out because I was going to make it longer but then thought against it because of it looking more like a wiener dog instead of what it was supposed to be. I am going to make one of them a frog. I was trying to figure out in my head how to make a bend in the knee for the back legs. I was thinking about going in the round for a while, then stopping, doing one row where you only crochet in half the stitches, then start the round
  9. I think I saw one in a magazine...I'll check later tonight and see if I find it.
  10. Thanks so much!!! I think I will go with the casing....you know children and their roughness....not sure, but I will try it both ways!
  11. So, I've never designed a drawstring bag before. In Rite Aid the other day I saw this bag, see attached photos. My immediate thought was, I could design something like that in crochet! It's cute and fun. I figure you start with a circle, go up the bag, that's no problem. But how do you make the enclosure of the drawstring? No one near me can design in crochet, they just don't have the desire to do it, so no help there. Honestly, I'm at a loss, but I want to sell them at a craft fair, so I don't want to have someone else write the pattern for me. I can figure out the head and tail and a
  12. Since you are auctioning this, remember to ask permission to sell, even if it is for charity!
  13. I have gotten rid of a ton of projects that I stalled on. Ripping them out and then of course adding it back into my stash....it's going the wrong direction lol!
  14. Did you try this website: http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/article74.htm It gives more information about the cones. Saying that: Cones contain approximately 2700 yards.
  15. I wanted to use acrylic, since I have a TON of it laying around with no particular pattern in mind for it. Would the fishing line affect the acrylic? Thanks again.
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