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  1. where did you find the pattern for the chicken?
  2. ginaj

    silk yarn

    i have 6 balls of 100% silk yarn never used would like to trade for 3d doily patterns,shrug patterns,easy long sweater patterns,or will sell for 4.00 a piece plus shipping
  3. i got the ckicken from an old magazine and just made up the doily.
  4. just made http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c236/johansongina/Pic036.jpg
  5. ginaj

    bird towel

    there is a chain and sc row from side to side under the brown part and the towel just lays over it.no cuttin and sewing yahhh!
  6. ginaj

    bird towel

    just made this today.was trying out an idea for christmas presents next year.what do you think?any suggestions?
  7. maybe a simple tank top,or i have made pillows with this yarn,or how about a vest?
  8. i am almost done with lillianna.i am using red heart TLC lustre in the color claret.well i bought what the pattern statted but find i am a skein short.for the pinnapples on 1 sleeve.its discontinued.i can't find it anywhere.has anyone see some for sale?or mabe has some extra they would be willing to sell?thank you so much for any help
  9. ginaj

    only me?

    well i can see its not just me lol.i have started 2 more projects in the last couple days lol but promised myself to work on the cover for 30 min a day till done wish me luck.lol
  10. ginaj

    only me?

    i found a pattern for a vacuum cover and converted it to look like a bear got 3/4 of the way done and got bored.now its sitting in my basket and i can't bring myself to finish.does this happen to everyone or just me?
  11. ginaj

    how many?

    i have a pattern that calls for fine sport.approx.how many strands of size 10 thread would this be?
  12. the pattern is from annies attic
  13. ginaj

    vaccum cover

    mabe a lady or an animal.any help would be great
  14. ginaj

    furry pillows

    fun fur alone is pretty hard to crochet but add another yarn,sport,worsted,ect.and its pretty easy to use and don't worry to much about the colors matching cause the fur covers it all anyway.bonus if you miss a stitch it will never show through all the fur
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