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    crochet and knitter, keeper of chaos in my home (husband and toddler induced chaos of the best kind)
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    crochet, knit, reading, music, renaissance faires, anime, gaming
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    bags, purses...looking to make amigurumi for my daughter, whatever catches my eye, including jewelry
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  1. I am also working on it, but with a different mitred square pattern. Though I haven't sewn any of mine together yet. I have a few skeins in colors I like that I bought and I bought a bag of sock yarn scraps from a woman whose blog I adore (she loves hand knit socks in winter). Your blanket looks great so far!
  2. Jenna thank you!!! I received an amazing package from Jenna today. I only got pics of my girls with the coasters since both were trying to empty the contents of the box and take off with bits...but I have the list on my blog of what I got and some pics of the girls and the coasters. Thank you again, yarn pirate!!
  3. My patterns are in 3 ring binders and one of those collapsable file folders. I tend to put the odd ball patterns in the collapsable since those are the patterns I'm not as likely to use and any that I really like or want to use go in one 3 ring binder and the rest are in another.
  4. you slide the sliped stitches back onto the left needle then knit them together through the back. A short cut my lys owner taught me that does the same thing: just knit the two together through the back.
  5. Hi, I've been working on a sock yarn blanket for my girls. Unfortunately I am out of sock yarn to use and with lack of work and hubby's lay off I just can't afford to buy more right now. If you have any scraps lying around or hiding in your stash that you don't need or want I would love to give them a new home. I won't have any extra money to help with postage until mid to late February, but please pm or email me if you have sock yarn you don't need or want. Thanks in advance, Jenn
  6. there are several great lace patterns that you can make with dishcloths. Can't remember the site name (or locate it at the moment) but they have lots of free patterns and a bunch are lace. It's an easy relatively quick way to learn/practice lace patterns. I'm also on the 'cloth of the week-knit' group on yahoo, which I am loving.
  7. I have been knitting and crocheting dish towels, wash cloths & hands towels pretty much since I started. All of the ones that stay in this house get used and those I have given away get used. My friend makes and receives but she also like to lie them on the counters to put their coffee cups on to dry, for pots, etc. I buy regular old kitchen cotton (peaches'n'cream & sugar'n'cream are my mainstays and I occasionally splurge on red heart eco cotton and lion brand). From mason-dixon I use their baby genius burp cloth pattern often. I have about half a dozen I made for Harmony and she loves her little cotton clothes to chew on and snuggle with.
  8. Angeleyz14

    caron baby hat

    you need to use whay size needles the baby yarn suggests and possibly add a few stitches.
  9. To help with the stretching issue...why not line it with flannel or some other soft or plush fabric. I'm pretty sure I spotted lined snugglies somewhere on etsy, they might have been knit or just fabric, but I know inside they had nice soft material.
  10. by guage the country sounds thicker, but the country I have petted in my local acmoore feels thinner than the one pounders to me, it is also much smoother.
  11. Sorry I can't help I only have the skein my friend gave me with a scarf pattern for christmas(yes I started it already)...but I'm a member of a yahoo group and there are good yarn, notions and pattern deals and shipping is exactly what it costs her to ship it to you. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RA_Yarnsandmore/
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