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  1. How intricate and delicate! You did an awesome job!!
  2. Very nice! I think your decision to change the color and yarn does the pattern much more justice. Thanks for sharing!
  3. What gorgeous creations -- I love them both!!
  4. How beautiful! :cheerYou did a great job and I love the edging too!!
  5. Gemlady

    First Socks

    They look great! I haven't tried socks yet, but I plan to get around to them eventually.
  6. Beautiful, I love the stitch pattern!!
  7. Ohhh, it looks warm AND gorgeous "as is" to me (of course, I'm not a big fan of fringe anyway). It's nice to be able to see how that luscious Frosting yarn works up. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Love it! :cheerThanks for reminding me about this vest pattern. I remember seeing it a long time ago, but forgot that it's out there.
  9. It looks great on him! And he's getting another one?!? Lucky brother.
  10. He is going to love it and the color is wonderful! Maybe you can get him to pose in it and post a pic of him wearing it for us. I just used Harvest too for a sweater I designed for myself (will post soon). Did you end up using Harvest for this in the end? It looks different to me here, but it could just be my computer monitor.
  11. I prob should have mentioned in my initial post that I haven't made a scarf in several years and I didn't have this problem back then. However, where I've seen it recently has been in the sweaters/vests, baby robes/jackets that I've made. I've "fixed" the problem when I'm sewing the seams together (carefully gathering in any excess ease) or any finishing border that I use usually tightens up the loose bottom edges. But I'd certainly prefer not to have the problem exist in the first place. Going down 2 hook sizes for the chain worked well for me, but I might try going up a hook size too. I'm definitely not a tight crocheter, but I don't think that I'm a particularly loose crocheter either. For most patterns I have to use 1-2 hook sizes larger, but occasionally I've had to go down a couple of hook sizes too.
  12. Crochetville is SO amazing! I have been having the exact same problem lately and hoped that I'd find an answer here, but I also thought that my search would probably take me to a thread at least a couple of years old. But here it is, problem and answer posted within just a couple of weeks - amazing! Has anyone tried using a hook one or two sizes smaller for just the starting chain? That seems to have worked for me the last 2 times I tried it. I remember hearing previously about using a different size hook for the chain row, but I thought it must be a smaller one, which is why I took the route I did. Although I found that going one size smaller didn't make that much of a difference in my case, so I went down 2 sizes. Going one size larger seems like it would make the problem even worse, but, since "I heard it here on Crochetville" I am going to try that method and see how it works out for me. I'm perplexed as to why I'm just now seeing this problem. I believe I would have definitely noticed it in the past, it's so obvious. Oh well, just glad to have some solutions. Thank you so much for posting this thread and to everyone for your awesome help!
  13. That IS very pretty! :cheerI love the stitch design!
  14. How pretty!! I am VERY impressed!!
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