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  1. I would love a pattern for Crocs socks, in sizes for my kids and myself. I saw one on Ravelry the other day but it isn't free. ($3) and only had adult sizes. http://cobblerscabin.wordpress.com/the-pattern-shop/pattern-shop-ii/croc%E2%84%A2-socks-pattern/
  2. Red heart super saver in claret, country rose, and snow white.
  3. noQcrocheter

    2 strand rr

    For my dh's grandma for Christmas http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e156/ricerette/craft/pics08024.jpg
  4. I just made 14 four row granny squares and slst them together in front loop only (on both sides) and did 2 rows of sc around then the fringe.
  5. I am not sure what to charge her for it though. it is just a bunch of granny squares in CSS heathers. I used almost 2 skeins one was scraps and the other I bought with $ she gave me and a 40% off coupon.
  6. it depends, if I am getting just one or two skeins I prefer getting it at the store especially if I can use coupons for my purchase, but if I am getting more than that (like enough for an afghan) I prefer to get it online.
  7. I saw one on ravelry that looked like a sock exept it was made bigger for the wearer's head, it was knit though maybe you could come up with a crochet version.
  8. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e156/ricerette/craft/P1020256.jpg the hat is the child's granny hat and the flower (which my dd picked) is from crocheted flowers by Nicky Epstein
  9. that pops into your head when you hear camo yarn? I am working designing an afghan for my son using camo yarn. I would like some good ideas in mind before I finish my daughters afghan. TIA
  10. When I first started I asked all the time, sometimes at the store standing in front of the supplies. Now not so much, only when it is something big or when he has been off work a while and if it is to finish something I never ask I tell It's either the yarn or an unfinsihed project.
  11. those are so cute where did you get the pattern?
  12. Would this work well with 2 strands of worsted? I was thinking of doing this as a scrap blanket with 2 strands (possibly 3 if it is really fine stuff baby weight or sport)
  13. I would just find a leaf pattern or 2 and make some in several shades of green or fall colors (or whatever colors you choose) and sew them together when they are all done
  14. I never shopped yet at http://www.shopcaron.com I have heard several people mention it before they have 1lb bags of mill ends for around $3 plus shipping ($ goes down if you buy a whole bunch) only thing holding me back from trying it out is you dont get a choice.
  15. I have some in the cedar chest that we never go into becouse there are kids toys piled in front and on top of it, (there are also some books and the sheets I use for backgrounds when I take nice pics of the kids) and some by the bed in a tub and on the sewing table, and if I find the yarn cheap for the afghan I want to make my dh I will put it in bags behind the drawers of our bed (the drawers are about 1/3 the way in on both sides 2 drawers high so plenty of space there)
  16. There are several walmarts near me, only 2 have not changed in this department, 1 isn't a super center the other is, there is no other place to get crafts in those towns though, and you would have to drive 30 min to get to a craft store
  17. I noticed you live in Appleton I have been to both the Walmarts in Appleton and they have cut back alot, since then I have only bought at Hobby Lobby, Joann's in Green Bay (worth the trip if you haven't been there yet) and http://www.discountyarnsale.com
  18. this is a kids pattern but you could probably make it bigger for yourself http://emeraldmooncreations.tripod.com/id15.html
  19. I don't have time to test it but it is beautiful!! please post the pattern when testing is comleated my daugter would love it.
  20. that is beutiful now i really want to make it
  21. yay i finished just in time to give grandma for christmas
  22. i like hobby lobby's i love this yarn, caron pounder and any of the worsted weights by bernant, it it was top 5 I would add caron simply soft and red heart super saver I guess my splurge (to this day anyway) would be paying full price for a skein of joann sensations rainbow classic for a baby blanket for someone I only think is pregnant (becouse the wedding date changed several times and all of a sudden there were invitations in the mail and my husband and I knew nothing about it and he is the best man)
  23. the hobby lobby I go to had about double the colors they used to but only a few of each, I cant wait to see how the camoflauge turns out
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