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  1. That looks really snuggly and nice. It's finally getting a bit cold here--I'd love to have a sweater like that.
  2. I've always said it with a short a, like General Patton, but my friend recently said it with a long a, like Payton. She said she was sure I must be right, but I told her I had no idea if I was and had nothing to back up my pronunciation. I searched the threads to see if anyone else had wondered, because I remember the "skane/skeen" discussion thread and also the "bookle/booclay" one, but couldn't find anything. Can anyone tell me the proper pronunciation so my friend and I can start saying it the same way?
  3. It depends on what size you're making. Are you confused about which number to go by? Just figure out which size you're making--the smallest size is the first number, the numbers in the brackets are the next sizes up. If you're making the smallest size you'd work the front opening 0 times (do nothing) and then in pattern (whatever those instructions are) 2 more rows. It always helps me to copy the pattern and then highlight my size instructions so I can just glance at it while I'm working. I hope this helped!
  4. That is adorable, great choice of colors! The LB Microspun yarn is so gross and splitty, I'm sure yours is way nicer with the plain old red heart!
  5. Those are really pretty. I got all holiday spirited looking at them, too.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to be making another pair for another swap. I made the granny first, and then measured it. Then I made a rectangle the same height as the granny and the width needed to go around the rest of her wrist. Then I kept on from the rectangle and joined at the top of the granny, across the granny and joined again at the other side of the rectangle to start working in the round. Then I increased 4 stitches evenly for two rounds (this could be different for different hand sizes), then worked even until where I wanted the thumbhole to be. For that I just slipped across 10 stitches (you may need more or less) at the designated point (determined by trying it on and sticking a pin where I thought it should be) and on the next round chained 6 and joined at the top of the last slip stitch of the round below. I just tried it on at that point to make sure it wouldn't be too tight across the palm, since she and I had the same palm measurements. Then just kept going until the end. I sewed the sides of the granny and the rectangle together at the very end. I'm sure there are different ways to put one together-I considered adding the granny bit last, but this way seemed the easiest to me. Oh, and I used hdc instead of sc, since it's both stretchier and faster. The originals looked like sc, but I hate it so. I also think it would be really cute to just keep going and decrease to make mittens. It would be easy enough to pick up stitches around the thumb.
  7. That's adorable, I love the flower too!
  8. Hi everyone! I didn't design these. They were requested of me for a swap and the original came from this etsy seller: dahliasoleil.etsy.com Here's my version: And flat: They were pretty easy, but at first I ended up making two rights (duh!), but it wasn't too hard to fix since the thumbhole is so close to the top. I've been knitting a lot lately, and one thing I definitely love about crochet is it's so much easier to fix mistakes! I used Patons wool for the gray, and the blue and pink are Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. These probably took less than half the gray skein and a tiny bit of the colors. Thanks for looking! I think they turned out really cute, and I actually didn't like them at first!
  9. Thanks y'all! lhasaapsolady, the kool-aid color was berry blue blast, or burst, something like that. It's my favorite kool-aid color, the others can be sort of neon. dragontatt, I love Draco and Harry so much. I probably have a little too much free time. hehe. And, Yelutci, thank you! My son's been anti-haircut for several years now, I try not to let it go below his shoulders. I'm hoping this is his big way of rebelling. That would be fine with me!
  10. I love the mummy! He's awesome. I'll be waiting for the pattern!
  11. That is cute! I hate possums in real life, they're so gross. You've captured something in your plushie I've never been able to see in real life!
  12. Hey everyone! I haven't crocheted much lately and yesterday I realized I really missed it so sat down and started a purse, and my new, annoying long bangs kept getting in my face. So, I made these headbands. I had been wanting to knit a lacy headband for a while, but knitting takes me much, much longer than crocheting, and I'm in the middle of holiday presents so can't take a bunch of time for myself. These took me less than an hour and I'm not speedy. They took very little yarn. I used some kool-aid dyed wool, probably less than 80 yards? I forgot the length of most of the skeins I made, but they were little. modeled by my son. He's very sweet, but I have to pay him a dollar a picture. Here's the pattern, and a variation to make it narrower at the bottom of the page: http://sockmonkeyrescue.org/headband.html I hope y'all like it, let me know what you think!
  13. He's so cute, and the sweaters are wonderful. I love the blue one, are those hearts charted in?
  14. Love them! I especially love the one with the flower, and the one with the pony tail holders (what a creative use for them). It took me twice going over the pics to figure that out! They are great.
  15. aliciasjoy

    Garden Gnome!

    Thanks everyone! Please, please post pics if you make one, I'd love to see other gnomes. I wanted to make an army, but fizzled. I have a short attention span, hehe.
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