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  1. Hi from south central Kansas! You might try calling around to public libraries in your area to ask if there are stitch groups meeting there..or do a search for Crochet Guild of America groups in your state..pick the one closest to you and contact their spokesperson. Facebook is a useful tool in your search too..I bet somebody knows of a group or two. Good hunting!
  2. Hi all. I've been away awhile. It's good to be back. Looking forward to settling in and talking about yarn and crochet again.
  3. Hey! I'm a returning member too..left that other place as well. Looking forward to getting back to just talking about yarn and crochet.
  4. I've got some scarves ready to box up; some still need to be washed though. I'd also like to get my kids to take pics so I can post them on ravelry. I'm running out of room in my Projects Completed Tub...I'm also making ManScarves and hats for a local homeless ministry, as well as littler hats for infants and children's needs...and 7x9 blocks for wounded soldiers...and an afghan for my dd...and now I've been commissioned to make a shawl for my eldest dd's wedding in December '09...thank goodness it's not THIS December!
  5. As long as you don't develop champagne tastes in yarn, and can excersize some self control...just sometimes, even..it shouldn't be too bad...There's not too many hobbies that are free anymore, but this yarning life doesn't have to break the bank...just like I don't have to buy every book I see, I don't have buy every pretty yarn I see...really, I don't..honest...
  6. Isn't it awesome the diversity within one simple project, in this case making scarves for a good cause? It is truly amazing to see us bouncing ideas off eachother and enouraging eachother to use our talents and skills to help others...you all are wonderful!
  7. Looks beautiful! I don't see anything wrong with dc for a child's scarf..I did my son's Gryffindor Scarf like that..or maybe I alternated between dc and sc. I like to do that, but I tend to forget which row I'm on. Question: I bought some chenille on ebay the other day and when it arrived I found it much thinner than I expected. I did a couple of sample swatches, and it would still make nice scarves, but they wouldn't be very thick/warm. Would it be better to concentrate on warmth over softness, or would it not be a problem if some scarves are thinner? Doubling the strands would be cost p
  8. Knify knitters So easy a child can use, yet so versatile an adult can do even greater things.
  9. I like to make hats on the round looms..they go fast and its easier to use multi strands.. and bulky/fuzzy yarns are easier to work with as well. I have a hard time finishing off scarves on the looms...I am such a slow learner. Have fun with the looms; they're great!
  10. These are fairly small skeins, so I worry about not getting a 20 inch square. I used two yesterday for a scarf and I think it it a tad too short. I'll send it anyway-the thing IS soft! I have no problem at all with you adding other squares to mine-just be sure to post pictures:hook
  11. I tried the idea posted upthread about using two strands of Redheart SS and was pleased with the results, although I haven't washed it yet... I should do so to see how it softens. I would so suggest Vanna's Choice, as I recently made a Gryffindor Scarf for my son, and I really love how soft that stuff is, and how nice it is to use. It isn't as inexepensive as Redheart SS or Caron's SS, but if one finds a good sale... Bernat Softee Chunky is amazingly 'pettable' even before washing. I Love This Yarn comes very close and is nice to work with too. Very prettiful as one of my daughters puts it. If
  12. What kinds of yarn are you all using on your scarves? I know the emphasis is on soft yarns, but I have boxes full of Red Heart and am building a stash of Simply Soft, Bernat Chunky, and Homespun..so I wonder what ya'll are using.
  13. I wish I'd realized how ambidextrous I am back when I wanted my mom to teach me to crochet. She always thought she couldn't teach me since she was right handed and I was a southpaw. She's gone now, and now I know I can crochet righthanded.
  14. I'm a lefty, but I'm learning to crochet right-handed. I never learned to use left-handed scissors, and I've figured out that in many things, I can use either hand.
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