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  1. Hi from south central Kansas! You might try calling around to public libraries in your area to ask if there are stitch groups meeting there..or do a search for Crochet Guild of America groups in your state..pick the one closest to you and contact their spokesperson. Facebook is a useful tool in your search too..I bet somebody knows of a group or two. Good hunting!
  2. Hi all. I've been away awhile. It's good to be back. Looking forward to settling in and talking about yarn and crochet again.
  3. Hey! I'm a returning member too..left that other place as well. Looking forward to getting back to just talking about yarn and crochet.
  4. I made a couple of hats with scraps and finished a scrappy scarf this morning. Used up 5 balls and one complete skein. So my score for the week is +6.
  5. I just swapped 7 skeins of yarn for a stack of Christmas oven mitts, pot holders, and kitchen towels, and I used up a ball of yarn this week..I actually got a lot of crocheting done this week, but I was using bits of scraps, so I still have to finish the balls they came from.
  6. Very Nice! Do you have a pattern?
  7. Count me in too please! I know the OP says not to count our yarn before we start, but I just got all my stash(not counting cotton or three tubs of scraps) entered on Ravelry, and I tallied up the yards because I was curious to know just how many miles of the stuff I actually have. Let's just say I could unwind it all from my front door and go all the way to Oklahoma City easily..probably a little farther. So, I need to be busy! :crocheting:hook
  8. Hey, Count me in please! I'll be crocheting hats, scarves, hand cozies, squares, etc to support a local homeless ministry and several other wonderful ministry opportunities along the way. So far, I've got 5 hats done and in The Tub. BTW, the other day I was talking to a local friend about Boxing Day and we decided that for us, BD needs to be October 26. Her church distributes items to the needy at Thanksgiving, and many other local ministries like to have things well before Christmas..So on Oct. 26 we'll get together and have a little Boxing Day party and show off what we've made.
  9. For my daughter, at the time she declared 'no crocheted gifts' she was desperately wanting to 'fit in' with her peers. She still does, but she's found it's more fun to be the one in the crowd who goes is unafraid to wear something 'different'. She's caught flack from at least one popular girl at school for it, but she's not too concerned about her opinion.
  10. My 16 year old daughter told me two years ago she didn't want any crocheted stuff for Christmas...then proceeded to raid my stash of hats when she needed a gift for her friends...or when she spotted a charity hat fresh off the hook that she particularly liked. Now she's still stealing hats fresh off the hook and just today told me how a family friend who's her age, would like a tam like the one I made her two years ago...Hang in there. Minds are made to change.
  11. My favorite warm hat is double stranded ww, done in either sc(J hook) or hdc in the round. My current favorite strategy is to pick a base color and five other colors(scraps are wonderful here). Then do about three to four rounds per accent color til the hat is long enough. You can gauge the increase rounds roughly by the size of your hand. Your hand is about the right size for a woman's crown, a row or two smaller for an 8-10 year old. These are fun to make. It would be easy to add earflaps and braided tassels too.
  12. Hey Julie, welcome to C'Ville! I'm in Clearwater Ks; where are you?
  13. mamabear10

    Easy Totes

    The Stash Buster Tote is a great one, but here's another easy one to consider:Attic 24 Crochet Bag This one is like an over sized hat. Just keep making increases til you're happy with the size, then work up the sides with no increases. This one begs to done with scraps and you can arrange the stripes however you like.
  14. I made one the other day with I Love This Yarn, and it turned out great. It's a little loose, but I might try an extra row or two of sc around the band next time. If I were making it for a child, I think I'd go down a hook size.Very easy pattern to read and follow!
  15. Andale, Andale! Arribe! Great job!
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