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  1. I understand completely about the brain vacationing without you...I recently became guardian of four of my grandchildren, ages 2, 3, 5, and 6...soon to be 7. After years without children in my home, it is a mega-adjustment. I frequently forget alot of things. Deborah
  2. Darski, I love your patterns. I hope to be able to make them all for my DGD, age 3. I'm not quite sure if the pattern is all there for the TOP. Rows 9 and 14 are not quite clear because of the way they end...see below. Row 9: dc in each st across. (43 dc- it’s what I got J Row 14: sc in 33, hdc in 5, [hdc dc, hdc] in next, hdc in 5, sc in ( I hope that you can remedy my confusion. Thanks and keep on designing...you are terrific! Deborah
  3. Perhaps a incorporating a scblo stitch done similar to a newborn baby cap that is done in Bev's Crocheted Baby Hat found at: http://www.touchinglittlelives.org/bevhat.html This will give it ribbing and considerable stretch. I personally like to use a hdcblo stitch when doing a hat like hers because it just seems to be softer. However, the scblo stitch has more give than the hdcblo in my opinion. Hope this helps.
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