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  1. i saved this pattern few months ago. i was going to make one to remember my husband grandmother that died of cancer last march, but now this pin means something way differant to me. last week my sister was diagnosed w/breast cancer at age 31. i'm making a whole bunch of these for her and friends. thank you so very much
  2. me too, very odd. and i dont like warm apples anyway. i like really cold apples
  3. this isnt crochet but i just wanted to show u all what i found. I peronally wouldn't ever need/use one of these, but holy moly they are selling for 18.50 each. Rose and Radish - Jacquelineknits Apple Jacket
  4. welcome, ur abut 45mins from me. i live in lower bucks county
  5. that is what my son calls scooby snacks. Max just turned 3 and he is going to be scooby doo for halloween so my oldest son thought it would kewl if max's treat bag could be box of scooby snacks. so momma got to working here is my final result. i just finished. detail sux i'm not really crafty like that. and i did basic DC for the bag. this is only first of 3 halloween treat bags. more pix to come when finished. I made kaylee a tiny pumpkin bag and bobbys is taking me long time. he wanted a firetruck. so kinda difficult and have to plan more then thouhgt at first:lol clicky
  6. hello from pa also. where abouts u from? i'm all the way south east in bucks county pa.
  7. those are great too bad i dont have $ yet. but hopefully for xmas. i want to make my mom like dozen of them and place around the house. she hates them. they are always sneaking into her house. hehe
  8. i searched few differant ways to look for a crochet firemans helmet for child and no luck. i know i seen one while ago. but i didn't save it does anyone have a link saved as to where i might be able to find a cute pattern for helmet? need for halloween of course.
  9. me TOO and yesterday it took all my might to not buy a bag in walgreens. and can u believe they now make a new kind that has caramel in it. looks so yummy Milk Maid Caramel Candy Corn - Candy Blog
  10. I've been in the dumps for while now so today a friend brought over my favorite type of candy, Chocolate covered gummy bears. and everyone says ewwww gross. but man oh man can they cheer me up just suck off the chocolate,mmmmmmm then bite off thier tiny little heads so i was wondering what is ur guilty pleasure to snack on? i know u all have that one certain funky sweets you sneak every now and again
  11. i'm going to back out of this for bit. i have to make baby stuff for family having twins. and if i work on this i'll never get my other stuff done. but i will come back later to work on this.
  12. is that a really soft yarn? if for chair repair doesn't sound soft, i have no clue what it is, i've never seen in stores. dont think i've seen it in micheal or joanns
  13. oh man, why do u ladies always put up such great CAL? this looks like fun. and good xmas gifts. so i'm in . but i need to find time to sqeeze them in my days to come.
  14. angelfire that looks GREAT, love the color choices
  15. i am almost done too. i kinda ran out of pink, i thought i had enough. wrong. had to go to store today to get more
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