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    lynn vars
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    crochet, iris, hockey
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    retired letter carrier
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    since i was 10
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    afghan/lapghan/shawl /scarf
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  1. dragonpuck

    ISO Red Heart Dusty Teal

    If there was just a "slight" difference I wouldn't be looking at all---- Real teal is about 12 shades darker it just wouldn't look right
  2. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    HOTH! Halloween #1
  3. dragonpuck

    ISO Red Heart Dusty Teal

    need a skein to use as accent on some baby things . Finished the blanket months ago, but my son announced last week that I will be a grandma next year ,so I'd like to make a set. willing to pay postage and yarn costs have paypal if that works better than a check Thanks!!
  4. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    I see everyone has been busy . Great work - we're keeping the yarn companys in business here are my latest: Peppermint Throw ( Red Heart via Crochet Crowd ) using up the Christmas Yarn( but not Quite) My new favorite way to do Hexagons- this is actually the African Flower ,but the Varigated nixes the contrast- lesson learned and l;ast but not least a good ole scrap granny 3 more on my hook- and I really need to finished my WIP scarves
  5. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    I am loving everyones work here is what I have been working on Went thru my patterns cleaned out a bunch that no longer interest me but I found this gem Someone posted the granny spool afghan , I got a copy and started making centers- foune that I had t colorways so I made 3 baby size rather than one big one and lastly some pinwheel action! I have two more in pieces and another ready to start( when I finish one of these
  6. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    wow everyone has been busy- lots of pretty stuff i have been as well-- busy that is crochet crowd challenge it is a scarf pattern- I made 5 and attached them lapghan size turtles two soccerball 'ghans:: the pattern called for a rolled edge, but when I followed the pattern the whole thing rolled- I could have stuffed it and made a pillow!!! so I just made a flat border. Re-did the edge for the second and got a "flat" rolled edge I then started the 10 stitch that someone posted here( in tunisian - sc and I don't get along) but rememberd that I had 2 daisy afghans half finished so here is the first of them one more to put together and then on to some new ones
  7. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    This one is from the Crochet crowd challenge mentioned above Not the 40" square they wanted but I can't do the same repeat pattern for that long and get it done in a reasonable amount of time so I settled for 32 " square
  8. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    I love looking at everyones projects finally getting around to posting this baby 'ghan using campygirl's turtle square I have another larger one( with more turtles) in the works, plus 2 soccer ball afghans and a "baby "ghan for the Crochet crowd Spring Challenge http://www.thecrochetcrowd.com/en/newchallenges/1592-springsprung.html eventually they will all get finished
  9. dragonpuck

    The Athlete's Lounge

    Here are my finished items. Not as many as I would have liked but considering this is my first attempt at crocheted jewelrey not too bad
  10. dragonpuck

    The Athlete's Lounge

    well, now I know why i have tension issues- steel hooks have a very wide range of thicknesses after the hook !! however after a marathon I have these these work up much faster, but I have a hook with a bigger handle- these were my first time working with beads on the thread so far I am happy with the results, but I have much more respect for prople wo do really fancy stuff with thread!!!!
  11. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    I'm a little late, but I think these are great-and I'm not much on ripples-- is there a link to the pattern available???
  12. dragonpuck

    Dr Who

    My Daughter in law wanted a Dr who scarf but I don't knit . I wasn't too enamored of knooking and was about to ebay my books and hooks but I'm glad I didn't. 10 feet of garter stitch It still takes almost as long as knitting, which is why I quit knitting so i probably won't do much, but I'm keeping my hooks just in case
  13. dragonpuck

    2014 Any Afghan CAL

    I got ratherv distracted last year, but I am back with a new charity to crochet for. I will be making baby blankets and kidghans( among other things) for Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City. Purple Hearts Creme Sandwich Cookie party ( sorry I can't seem to get this one to turn) Wild and Pink
  14. dragonpuck

    Athlete Registration

    Details About Your Project: Thread crochet. I have a big bag of thread and patterns for earrings and bracelets that I just can't seem to get to. I plan on finishing at least two items per day while continuing to make lapghans and baby blankets for a childrens hospital. Why This Project Is a Challenge: tiny hooks and thread are challenge with my fat fingers and bad eyes I always have tension issues with thread crochet. I hope to fix that issue by doing a lot of thread the next 2 weeks Team:? Completion Status (see Rules): bronze?/ didn't get as much done as I had planned but have a fair amount to show Date and Time You Finish: 2/23/14 10 am MST
  15. dragonpuck

    July 2013 Square Swap--Swappin' Squares

    Got my square from Skoggy on Saturday-- 11 days from England not too bad love the color and ILTY is sooo yummy thanks !!!