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  1. Wow! I wasn't following your blog, but I am now! Nice hats.
  2. Thanks so much for the nice comments...about the hat AND my granddaughter! Nope - single strand throughout. Yes, I DO crochet rather tightly.
  3. CrochetDad

    Froggy Guy

    He/she looks so huggable!
  4. CrochetDad


    Really cute! Is the pattern available?
  5. This one was made with Caron Worsted Weight (from the One Pound Skein) and an I hook. I'm making another one in pink using Red Heart Super Saver and a G hook, because that's the pink I had in my stash. I'm definitely making more of these. You're right - they're just too cute to resist. My granddaughter is loving them.
  6. I made another one for my granddaughter...
  7. I was over on Crafster and ran across a cute bunny pattern made (almost) in one piece. I couldn't resist making one for my granddaughter...more pictures at my Flickr (link in my signature)
  8. CrochetDad

    Sea Turtle

    This link is from Ravelry as a PDF: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jacques-the-sea-turtle Or as a web page here: http://www.fortheloveofyarn.com/Issues/Spring06/patterns/spring06_seaturtle.shtml
  9. Thanks for the nice responses...I know she liked it because she wore it for the rest of the day.
  10. My granddaughter wanted a pink hat. When I asked if she wanted flowers on it, she said "Yeah!" Made with Red Heart Super Saver in Baby Pink, G Hook. No pattern for hat, flowers are from a free pattern from one of the yarn companies. I can't find the link.
  11. http://crochetdad.blogspot.com/
  12. Wow! I just spent the last 15 minutes looking at your beautiful things on Etsy and Flickr. Congratulations!
  13. These are beautiful. What a great way to dress up tea lights.
  14. Thanks, everyone. I've never had so much fun. I'm a retired computer analyst and began crocheting as an escape from my job, after learning the basics from my paternal grandmother when I was about 10 years old. I'm 67 right now, and have been actively crocheting for about 30 years. I've learned so much more after becoming involved with online crochet groups, I can't begin to thank all those who have helped me. I haven't actually asked for much help, but learned techniques and solutions from the answers to those who did, so thanks also to those who asked for help. Remember, you're not the only one who wants the answer.
  15. First I'd like to thank the nice folks that run Crochetville - Amy and Donna for all their work on this site. If it weren't for them, I certainly would be telling you about my crochet business. My name is Gene Saunders, (a.k.a. CrochetDad) My business name is CrochetDad's Creations My main business site is Etsy.com/CrochetDad where I sell my crochet patterns and finished objects. I also sell my patterns on Ravelry and Lulu. My business actually started as a result of being on Crochetville. After showing off my latest creation (a hat with a brim) back in 2007 in the Show & Tell area, I was encouraged by others here to document the pattern and sell it on Etsy. I learned through the 'net about Lulu and Ravelry and started stores there as well. I was contacted on Ravelry by a representative from Peaches & Cream Yarn company to design a hat for a limited run of yarn they were going to introduce. My design was accepted and is included in the kit "Fire & Ice" which includes my pattern, a pattern for a bag (or tote) and a scarf on their web site: Peaches & Creme . I've also designed custom items requested by customers on Etsy. I sell crochet patterns and finished products, mainly from the patterns I also sell, but I also sell the interim-level and finished-level objects for my patterns, as well. Pictures included below are my most popular designs (newest first) and most-requested custom items. The purple beanie was my first hat design. The 9-pointed Round Ripple was designed by Aggie May here on Crochetville, but I've sold several of this design, so I'm including it here.
  16. Beautiful use of texture! Nice job on the design.
  17. I just ran across mention of this bag in another post. My curiosity turned into amazement! What a superb job. Your use of a stitch found in anther pattern and the addition of the decoration makes this truly an original. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  18. I've been waiting to order this book - now I have. I can hardly wait to receive it. I love the look of knitting, but crochet is my "thing".
  19. I guess I didn't understand your "I don't get it" comment. It's probably a matter of personal taste - I have SOME unadorned rocks in my living room as decoration, but I think the crochet-covered versions are a reflection of my love for crochet. They are also a great conversation-starter. I need all the help I can get in that area.
  20. I LOVE round ripples. So when I saw some crochet-covered rocks, I thought it would be fun to do. I started with Aggie May's 9-pointed round ripple pattern, and just "made it fit" after a few rounds... The one in the lower-left of the first pic shows the round ripple pattern, but they were all started using the first few rounds of the pattern. The second picture is the reverse side of all three. If you don't have the pattern, you can pick it up for free here. This was fun and a quick-fix for us crochet-junkies...
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