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  1. Welcome from Southern California!
  2. Welcome from Southern California. You'll love it here !
  3. Hi Jennifer. Welcome from Southern California
  4. :cowboy Howdy back at you from Southern California
  5. From Southern California!
  6. A big welcome from Southern California!
  7. Thanks Cindy! My next one will have a flower!
  8. Finished my tote! My wife (who did NOT want to be in the photo) is holding our 9 month old granddaughter who wants to see if anything is for her in the tote. Bottom, top and handles are brown plarn approximately 9 x 11 inches. Webbing is white plarn. Tote is approximately 13" high. My own design, but inspiration came from THIS PATTERN.
  9. I think a nice thing about the VHS plarn is there would be fewer knots. Anyone know how long a 6 hour VHS tape would be in plarn?
  10. If I stay on the computer any longer, I'll never get started. I just remembered someone mentioned using recycled VHS tapes for plarn. That gives me even more options for the colors.
  11. Joy, Thanks for the feedback. OMG! We had to have our kitchen sink faucet replaced yesterday. Well, cleaning out under the sink so we could get started, I found some pink and some yellow plastic bags meant for putting donation into for pickup. I hate to think how long they've been under there! I can't wait to cut them up and either put a flower (pink and yellow, of course) on my bag or add something to the next bag. This is so much fun. My wife can't wait for me to finish the tote so she can show it off to friends at work.
  12. Well, yes, I was thinking a wider yarn and a larger hook (I'm using a US K - 6.5 mm) might make a higher mat. Here's my progress on my tote. I don't have the handles the width I want them yet, but probably later tonight. Size is 11 x 9 inches (base) and 13 inches tall.
  13. Joy, For the doormat, did you use a wider cut of the bags for the plarn or just the usual 1 inch? At least that's what I've been using.
  14. Thanks for the great feedback! Everyone is wonderful here. It's great to be among other crocheters. (Even if you are GIRLS!)
  15. I decided I wanted a catchy name like most of the rest of you. It's also more descriptive than "gsaundrs", which is just part of my email address. I am now CrochetDad.
  16. To me, this sounds like a classic case of insufficient tension. I used to have this problem as well. When drawing up a loop to make the (I assume) double crochets for the shell, I always pull the hook up and down while pulling back on the yarn (creating tension) to increase the tension of the yarn so there is very little "play" in the yarn. Hope this helps.
  17. Previously known as gsaundrs - I wanted a catchy name like all of you other nice folks. So now I'm CrochetDad. Still from Southern California and all the other stuff. I'm having way too much fun here. I'm learning a lot and admiring all of your creations. Thanks for being here.
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