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  1. Cheryl - you did a beautiful job. I really like those colors, too.
  2. Thanks! And the same to you and everyone else here... I've been lurking in here for awhile.
  3. I've completed two more 9-pointed Round Ripples from the free pattern at this link. Both are on the small side - the Blue/White one is approximately 36 inches across and made with Sensations (very soft) yarn. The Blue/Brown/Off-white one is approximately 48 inches across and made with Caron One Pound Worsted. The borders for both are a round of sc, then (sc, dc in same st, sk 1 st) repeat. The points are a 4 stitch picot for the blue/white one and sc, ch 2, sc for the blue/brown/off-white one. I love this pattern - it was originally created for me as a special request by Aggie May. She has graciously allowed me to distribute the free pattern.
  4. Very pretty! The color changes are great! I've never used VC for a RR.
  5. My favorites (so far) are a round of sc with [2 sc, ch 2] in the points, then a round of [sc, 2 dc all in same st, sk 2 st] around or [sc, dc, sk 1 st] around. The first is called the sedge stitch, I'm told and an alternate method is [sc, hdc, dc all in same st, sk 1 st] around. The second was my modification of the sedge when the stitch count didn't quite work out. In both of the second rounds above, I do a [sc, ch 2, sc] in the points. Both methods create a nice, scalloped edge.
  6. I hope it's fun - I've never taught anyone I didn't know, just relatives and friends, so I'm a little nervous. The class will be limited to 6, so that will help, I think. The shop owner found one of my crocheted earrings and asked if I was interested in teaching something. She picked the 9-pointed star afghan - I think because it's all yarn and doesn't include anything that's not in her shop, like the earring hardware...
  7. I've completed another 9-pointed round ripple (albeit a small one - 48 inches across) using the pattern that has been attributed to me. The pattern, in fact, was created by Aggie May here on Crochetville for me and she has permitted me to distribute it. It's a great pattern, lays flat and the increases are the same all the way out. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to take a picture when the light is more favorable. I'll post the picture at that time... I had been asked to teach a class on this pattern at a nearby yarn shop and I wanted a sample to show the class before starting.
  8. Welcome! You'll love it at Crochetville - great bunch of people here. Great to see another guy here. I also crochet in public, and like has been said before, it's a great conversation starter - it usually starts with "What are you knitting?" I enjoy crocheting in public also - it increases awareness of crochet and shows that yarn-related crafts are non-gender specific. And please post some pictures.
  9. Thanks, everyone. You are the greatest audience! I'd love to see more of your squares!
  10. Thanks everyone for the great responses. I may have to update the pattern with a large diamond version shown here. If you've purchased the pattern on Ravelry, you'll be notified of the free update when I get it finished.
  11. Thanks, everyone. These are quick projects. It's a great way to be introduced to jewelry-making for me, at least. My daughters and wife all have several. Have fun!
  12. Thanks so much for your kind comments. The pattern is so easy, and it's fun to produce the little ornaments for your ears. Have fun! And please share your projects.
  13. Thanks so much! The #3 crochet thread is much thicker than the #10 thread you're probably familiar with. It's more like baby-weight or sport weight yarn (well, not quite, but it's much easier to work with than the #10 thread and creates a nice cozy.
  14. I've added these cup cozies to my pattern library on Ravelry. Made with either #10 or #3 crochet thread, they're more comfortable than the worsted-weight ones, I think - not as bulky. My original design, several friends and relatives have already been the recipients of these. The red/white version is made with #10 crochet thread, the others with #3. The #3 version is my favorite for a bit more heft, but not too much. The link to the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-thread-cup-cozies or http://www.etsy.com/listing/62811068/crochet-pattern-thread-cup-cozies
  15. I've been making these in preparation for the holidays, and I finally got around to posting the free pattern on Raverly. The earrings are made with #10 crochet thread around a wooden bead with simple trimmings - bead caps, glass beads, etc. The link for the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocheted-bead-earrings
  16. Great-looking scarf. Congratulations on opening your shop. I've added your shop to my Favorites
  17. Great-looking afghan - looks like a keeper to me!
  18. CrochetDad

    Mom's Ghan

    Great colors and a beautiful job. She'll love it!
  19. Thanks again for all the kind words. I really appreciate this group and all I've learned here.
  20. Thanks again for all the nice comments. Well, I made all the granny squares except the last round - that's when I joined them together with the join-as-you-go method.
  21. The join-as-you-go method I used can be found at Sarah London's Flickr account. There are other methods - this one just joins the last round of the granny square to the adjacent squares as you make the last round.
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