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  1. :'( I wanna make these so badly! you do such good work, and are wonderful to share these!
  2. welcome aboard! I taught myself too, but Im not the best teacher in the world..........
  3. I think that is very reasonable, IMHO.....you do good work!
  4. wow thanks for sharing!!!!! my hubby would SO love this!
  5. aweee I love it! thanks for sharing! Can you believe I never knew you could make all these cool things when I learned to crochet! WOW! Kristie, you ROCK! I just looked at your patterns & you are awesome at this! 2 SNAPS way up!
  6. WOW!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing! when I finish my MIL scarf I think I may tackle this one! I love it!
  7. I could send you one!! LOL I cant wait either!
  8. oh my gosh, I just love it!
  9. *waving* welcome to your new addiction.....LOL make yourself at home!
  10. I wish I could, but I cant figure this mess of patterns out!
  11. I will find one & post it....oh goodness that makes me so happy!
  12. it would take a mass of people to get a good deal, because if alone could you craft it up in time? I mean, wouldnt it just lay there going to waste?
  13. I am trying those ladies, but Im still a mess. I am sure that I will eventually figure it out....I mean I am a Mom, I learned to tie shoes, and Ive learned the internet...surely this will come too
  14. Ive tried for days, countless hours even to make a shawl for my wonderful MIL. She is like a Mother to me, and I want to make her something to keep her warm (she has MS), and to show her that we love her eventhough we cant come to see her (Im so sad about this too) I have searched everywhere, and apparently Im so stupid I cant learn to read patterns I have tried a million patterns & theres always something I dont get ...see I taught myself to crochet & Im a duntz apparently.....cant teach myself to read patterns. I want to do this so badly.... but I just cant get it..... how in the world can I learn to do this when no one around me knows how to crochet?
  15. oh my! they usually beg for donated things here! Im shocked!
  16. WELCOME aboard!!!! good to have you! Im still new too, but Im still *clapping* to see you!
  17. a million thank you's for the warm welcome!!!!!!!!!
  18. HELLO, NEW FRIENDS! Im brand new! My real name is Kimberly, but most of my friends call me Kimmie (wonder why? LOL) I live in NE Alabama with my hubby of almost 5 years, Travis. I have 4 children (Corey, 16, Emily, 14, Si'Ara, 13, and Mikey 11). I am a natural Mom to my oldest 2 (meaning they were adopted & are raised by others. I am full fledged Mom to my 2 babies...... I work at a local rug mill, where I feel like Im being paid to do crafting.... shhhh dont tell 'em else they will start charging me! I am 37 years old & I have been crocheting since about 1990. I still consider myself a newbie because I still am trying to learn how to read patterns........no one in my family does this craft (we are mostly quilters here)...so Ive taught myself the wee bit I know, and Im not that great of a teacher Im afraid.... I am a bookworm, meaning I read all the time. Im currently reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand & I cant hardly put it down!!!!!!! Any of yall read it? I am everything, and nothing all at the same time........ I look forward to meeting, and getting to know you all. NE ways, I will talk to you later! Kim
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