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    friendly to all, hostile to none, always jolly & full of fun.
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    work in a sewing mill.
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    if I can crochet, I love it! the few things I can crochet that is.......
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  1. bruisin

    Free Pattern Fingerless Gloves

    thanks for sharing! great job!
  2. bruisin

    Tiny Striped Turtle

    :'( I wanna make these so badly! you do such good work, and are wonderful to share these!
  3. bruisin

    Her School Bus Scarf - Error Row 6

    WOW!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. bruisin

    hi from AZ

    welcome aboard! I taught myself too, but Im not the best teacher in the world..........
  5. bruisin

    Flower purse

    I think that is very reasonable, IMHO.....you do good work!
  6. bruisin

    is there a crochet hammock pattern out there?

    wow thanks for sharing!!!!! my hubby would SO love this!
  7. bruisin

    Caterpiller Pattern

    aweee I love it! thanks for sharing! Can you believe I never knew you could make all these cool things when I learned to crochet! WOW! Kristie, you ROCK! I just looked at your patterns & you are awesome at this! 2 SNAPS way up!
  8. bruisin

    Lumberjack Flannel-ghan Pattern

    WOW!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing! when I finish my MIL scarf I think I may tackle this one! I love it!
  9. bruisin

    The 3 Damsels+

    I could send you one!! LOL I cant wait either!
  10. bruisin

    Easy As Pie Purse

    oh my gosh, I just love it!
  11. bruisin

    Cupcake Purse Pattern!

    wow! Impressive! Love it!
  12. bruisin

    Hello from Virginia!

    *waving* welcome to your new addiction.....LOL make yourself at home!
  13. what would one do with all this???!!!
  14. bruisin

    IM ready to toss it all.........

    I will find one & post it....oh goodness that makes me so happy!
  15. it would take a mass of people to get a good deal, because if alone could you craft it up in time? I mean, wouldnt it just lay there going to waste?